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I’m an 18 year old girl; fun and friends are a huge part of my life. (As if you couldn’t guess this already, heh)

I’m a health freak and a gym rat. I’m driven by the value I place in my health and (excuse the cliche) the “spark” that tells me to push hard, test my limits, and tell the world who I am. You know that special kind of crazy that has people up in the early morning for workouts, out running in the rain and working their bodies to the point of exhaustion, but loving every second of it? That’s me. Ball till ya fall. 

I’m also really really weird and think I’m hilarious. You’ll see that enough in the posts though. 🙂 Check out my other pages to find out more!



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Time Machine Blog Edition

July 2018
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Hannah who?



Hey, I'm Hannah! I'm 18 and a senior at an all girl's high school in Baton Rouge. I plan on joining the Navy and fulfilling my dreams to live in different places- hopefully leading me to the University of Colorado in Boulder to become a nurse. I love working out, running, and having a generally healthy lifestyle with the added dash of "wait I'm still a teenager so this is a good idea." I'm a vegetarian and eat a mostly plant based hippy foods. My life is as hectic and hormone rich as any other teenage girl, although I'd like to say that I add a couple miles and some extra spunk to the mix while skimping on the drama. Welcome to the show, and thank you for reading my blog!

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