Changes Happening and Changes to Come

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June 7, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Hello, errybody! Here I am to, once again, apologize for my hiatus. Although, this time, it isn’t without reason. Sometimes you just gotta step away from life in order to live it. I’ve been gone for the “party reasons” (Taking full advantage of the Summer after my high school graduation- a gal seldom finds herself capable of doing just about anything with such little responsibility). However, since this is supposed to be a healthy living-ish blog, there’s a more important reason that has been keeping me from posting. I’ve been in a huge point of transition-graduation for one, but I’ve also recently been diagnosed with insulin resistance. 

Insulin resistance is a lifelong, relatively common condition in women. Basically, my cells only respond to a small amount of the insulin released to metabolize the carbohydrates and sugars I eat. Since my cells aren’t able to take in enough insulin, my body is forced to produce an excess of insulin in order to metabolize carbohydrates and sugars into glucose that my body can use for energy. This lands me with an abundance of insulin in my bloodstream which in turn creates all kind of ish going on in my body. The insulin makes me all “off”- other hormones are effected by the constant insulin so periods stop, I lose energy, and I gain weight (the unmetabolized carbs are stored as fat instead of used as energy.)  

So here I am, fresh out of high school and living like it, when I’m told that my lifestyle needs to change-to be more restricted- in order to prevent type two diabetes in years to come. WHAT?! It’s only been about two weeks since my diagnosis and I haven’t even started getting my shit together. So, what better way to get your shit together than on the internet with the support of 68zillion other people?

I’m back to SOAA with different needs and a different perspective. It’d be nice to run everyday then blog about every step, but I haven’t been running. I haven’t even been working out at all. Instead I’ve been working and going out and in this time I haven’t missed workouts. I’m taking advantage of my youth and “Summer of Irresponsibility,” but at the same time I’m realizing that nobody can completely avoid responsibility. Yeah, I’m insulin resistant and only allowed 60 carbs per meal (15 per snack), but everybody has their “serious” things to deal with. Welcome to the world, 18 year old self. This being said, I figured I needed to change my priorities- instead of making it necessary to find the vodka at the party or making it to work on time, I’m making it a priority to not over do the vodka so that it isn’t too hard to make it to work on time. Instead of learning to deal with the lack of energy after eating a plate of carbs, I’m learning how to manage my diet to keep my body running steadily. My new direction isn’t perfection of certain things- it’s a balance of everything. During my time off, I’ve done some life-rearranging and thinking. I realize that my life is about to drastically change with college and adult life- I need to learn how to balance everything instead of being all fun or all work. Get it? Call me Snoop Lion- he got Rasta and now I can’t eat pasta. (lol I am just too funny). 

Anyway, expect SOAA to have a change in weeks to come. It will still be my dumping grounds for silly rants and workouts, but it will also be a recording of the teeter-tooter of life as I attempt to find balance in this world and still keep life interesting. 


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