The Buddy System and Gym Envy


March 21, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Everyone says working out with a buddy makes it more fun and easier to get out there. I am here to tell you that this is probably true for most people, but only 50% true for me (and Nat).

Clearly two professional fitness enthusiasts here

Clearly two professional fitness enthusiasts here

During Physics (while we’re doing literally everything imaginable except for paying attention), Nat and I usually talk about our workouts and meals for the day. Neither of us were very motivated Tuesday night, so we decided to workout together! Our plan was Spin from 5:30-6:30 then Zumba til 7.

IMG_6834[1]Our reality was a tad different. Nat showed up without shoes, 5 minutes late and with raw chicken in the car. Plan scrapped, improve implemented.

We rode around in Natalie’s car (Honda-lulu, from Hawaii), talked, listened to music then went to Nat’s with the full intent to workout. We ran around a small lake (about 400 meters), did some crunches, tricep dips on a bench, burpees, planks, and push ups, then power walked another lap. (Side note: singing to yourself while running is NOT a replacement to headphones and will exhaust you.) Any Louisiana kid knows that outdoors past 5PM= you will be eaten alive by the forest, so we decided to go to the pool. Not to change and go to the pool, just to go to the pool (read: undies and sports bra). We did a couple laps, flutter kicks, and a couple laps without legs (actually a searing arm workout!). It wasn’t exactly a workout, but more than a rest day. It was 150% fun and 200% worth it.

We also cooked “corn and beans.” It’s super delicious and super duper easy and you should try it.

  • Can of corn, can of black beans (both drained)
  • Dump in sauce pan
  • Turn on heat
  • Stir
  • Beyonce Pandora (no neighbor complaints means you’re doing it wrong)
  • Taco/Mexican seasoning, red pepper, whatever makes your taste buds go on a fiesta (I put Ketchup on mine, too)
  • Serve with chips (Nat had these fancy shmancy organic “seed chips”), or over brown rice (you could probably do quinoa)
  • El yummy in el tummy
Nat decided to add a "dash" of honey (?) If you don't know us or the complex of our friendship, you are missing out (and probably don't understand the humor of this post)

Nat decided to add a “dash” of honey (?)
If you don’t know us or the complex of our friendship, you are missing out (and probably don’t understand the humor of this post)

Some tasty corn and beans

Some tasty corn and beans

We also had some of these tasty little boogers:


We left my car at the YMCA parking lot in order to have bonding time/music time, but when we finally went back (at 10PM)…..

Locked out!Ouch.

Locked out!

So (after my mom brought me to school this morning as the only senior in the carpool line), Nat and I had to go back to YMCA after school to get my car, so we just decided to actually workout since we were there. (!!)

We took the H.A.B.I.T. class: Hips, Abs, Butt, Incredible Thighs. They really could have called it the quad and occasional plank class because I don’t think I’ve ever done so many lunges then squats then lunges then squats. -Up and down the entire parking lot- Damn son, I’m gonna be sore.

After H.A.B.I.T. (Q.&O.P.), something miraculous happened. I MET MY VERY FIRST STAIRCLIMBER. (We don’t have a stair climber at my gym.) I did a whopping 10 minutes on FatBurn and that bitch ain’t playing games, WHOO.

50+ floors = buns of steel?

50+ floors = buns of steel?

Probably my new favorite cardio machine. This got me thinking of how fun a membership to the YMCA would be (pool, classes, stair climber, Natalie), then I decided to do a cool down walk on the treadmill which resulted in severe gym envy…


(You could choose your visual thing, I chose mountain because I ❤ Colorado. I walked around the mountain apparently)

Now I’m seriously considering switching gyms for the Y. I can’t get that stair climber out of my mind (or my buns). This summer I also plan on working (hopefully) at a Tuti Fruti (frozen yogurt, don’t mind if I do, alot), and it’s really close to the Y so that would be wondrous!

For tomorrow’s workout:



With Nat, of course.

Favorite cardio machine? Favorite group exercise class? 

Working out with a friend or riding solo?





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