Naked Running

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March 7, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Before I get into today’s “naked” run, let me say that I slept in Tuesday (when I planned to run at 5:30AM), so that evening I ran before going to my usual abs class (Les Mill’s CX) and Body Pump. I haven’t gone to BP as often as usual, so it’s made me super sore for the past two classes I’ve taken.

So, on to today’s workout and I was a wee bit sore to begin with. Despite super stretching (doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?), my legs were tight the entire run. It wasn’t exactly one of those “oh my God, this is why I love running so much” type of runs, but I was outside on a beautiful day putting one foot in front of the other at an acceleratedish pace and by-golly that means it was good no matter what.

The interesting part of this run? 3.5 miles without my phone. An 18 year old girl without her phone is scarcely a human, so I felt like I was really pushing the envelope with this one. I ran 1/6 miles sans music on Saturday, but this would be my first phone free run since Cross Country of 2009. WOAH.

I noticed alot of differences between running with and without a phone:

  1. I didn’t stop nearly as often. No texts to check, no songs to change, no ability to instagram (Hanlaville, follow me if you dare)
  2. I wasn’t anxious or frazzled at all. I didn’t have anything to worry about because I was completely separated from everyone (and didn’t have any Pandora station to fret over 😉 )
  3. I had a better feel for my body. With out music to distract me I was able to sense what was going on with my bod. It was easier to pin point where I was sore, where I was landing on my foot, what I was doing wrong with my form, ect. ect. ect. 
  4. I was run with a 30 minute run in 30 minutes. Shocking, huh?! Maybe it’s the stopping on the run (#1), or maybe it was because I didn’t have to set up my headphones/arm band/Pandora before and after, but this run was speedy! I was there, ran, and gone all in about 40 minutes. Wowza!
  5. It was relaxing. I had time to sort out my thoughts, think about college, this weekend, life, and for some reason I really liked the rhythmic pitter patter of my feets. 
  6. It was a little less energetic than with music. This was a refreshing run for a light recovery run, but for a long run, tempo or speed work it would be tough to keep the energy up without music. 

I really enjoyed it and I might do more recovery runs naked in the future. (I say naked= no phone, some say naked running= no phone or watch). Music is still king for long runs and tough workout days, though.

Total: 3.5 miles, time: 30:24, average pace: 8:41 min/mile

Tomorrow I’m going to Spin, and Friday? Well Friday I’ll have an interesting workout……


It’s called raving. It involves incessant jumping, odd movements and eating/drinking nothing until you realize you’re half dead. GO BUKU!!

Now I’m off to watch the new episode of Workaholics. Gotta stay fresh. Check ya later!


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