Relax Run


March 3, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Today’s run was a meditation run if I’ve ever had one (:))!

  • Cold (43 degrees at noon)
  • Caffeine powered (Friday was a fun night) 
  • Also Gu (chomps) powered since I had some extras layin’ round
  • Sans headphones for the first 1.5 miles (just a girl and her thoughts)
  • The Temper Trap Pandora station (in my opinion this station is ecstasy for ears)
  • 6 miles on fresh legs (two rest days since my last funk run)

It was so incredibly relaxing to run without music. I fell into the rhythm of my footstep and zoned out. Then, when I did start listening to music, it was relaxed and calming. Usually I jump straight to electronic, rap, hip hop or something of the “pump up” variety for running, but it was such a breath of fresh air to listen to something relaxing. This run was like a yoga sesh’ in itself. Om.

The stats:  

IMG_6362[1]The splits (via Garmin Connect):

Surprisingly consistent for me!

Surprisingly consistent for me!

The award for most colorful spunky running outfit and the BEST running jacket:

Pockets are my favorite

Pockets are my favorite

Capris are also my favorite 
(a big thank you to Louisiana for being cold)

I also took a picture of the empty Gu chomps bag but I’m going to use my better judgement and not put it up since it’s icky. A gal’s gotta blow her nose somehow! (for real)

————Happenings on the Homefront——–

IMG_6358[1]There are now two chihuahuas on deck until Monday. We’re pet sitting for my Uncle’s extremely well-treated (by that I mean spoiled) dog, Max. I’m going to come out and say that chihuahuas aren’t my favorite I plain out don’t get why people own these things and enjoy it. This will be a heavenly three days for my mother (the above pictured chihuahua whipped/obsessed person) and an extreme patience builder for me. Yee-haw.



I have to admit that I find it cute that Max came equipped with a tiny suitcase and (monogrammed) fleece throw. In fact, it’s really cute to think about as I’m sleeping under a similar throw blanket tonight as Max found the need to relieve himself on my bed spread. He was just nervous, right?

——————-Happenings of International Importance———-

We went to Sam’s Club today and it was a fabulous outing that I got really pumped for.

Somebody has FINALLY made peanut butter in containers of adequate weekly portions

Somebody has FINALLY made peanut butter in containers of adequate weekly portions

I am beyond excited for the industrial amounts of grapes, grape tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries that are now waiting in our fridge just waiting to be a breakfast extravaganza. (Except the grape tomatoes will be part of a lunch extravaganza, obvi)

The pesto that weighs more than both chihuahuas combined is the most exciting thing to ever happen to me. Expect pesto raves and recipes for the next 11zillion weeks because this thing is both huge and scrumptious.

After Sam’s, I went to Sophia’s house for strawberry cheese cake for Will’s birthday. His actual birthday and partial birthday celebration was yesterday, but why would that be an excuse to stop the celebration? Exactly, it isn’t. Accept no excuses.


This is the only simi-normal picture I could find of the three of us. This is probably about as normal as it will get with us, actually. Life is so much fun and I love friends.




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