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March 1, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Yesterday I ran the lakes for the first time in over a week, had beautiful weather, and was really excited about running again after the half. Clearly nothing could go wrong, eh?


To be honest, nothing went wrong and I had a wonderful run, but I knew it just wasn’t gonna happen the way I envisioned it before I had finished the first mile. Ever felt that way? It wasn’t mental and I really did want to run, but my legs were sore (Half Meri Sunday and Body Pump Tuesday), I was moving slower than molasses in August and could NOT move any faster. I guess I need to take a breather for a little longer than just one day after the race. I never take the whole “rest” thing seriously and I’m beginning to learn that it bites you in the butt if you don’t, so today I’m sitting on my butt (or maybe peddling my time away on the elliptical a bit).

Not terrible stats, but it was tough getting them

Not terrible stats, but it was tough getting them

It’s frustrating that I can’t just go out for runs the way I used to. I don’t want to plan out my training/rest days; I just want to run! I know I ran a half this week, but I’ve felt funky for a while now. Ever since I’ve started taking running a little more seriously (running to train instead of working out as maintenance), I’ve been exhausted all the time and my body hasn’t been bouncing back after hard workouts like it used to. I don’t know why exactly, but I have my suspicions…………

In 100% related news, my vegaversary is April 14th. (Remember when I began eating vegetarian?) In lite of my recent funkiness (funkiness of body, my personality will always be funky ;)) I’m considering to meet meat again after my vegaversary (because why not make it an even year?). My reasoning is:

  1. I don’t have any legitimate reasoning to be vegetarian. No religious, economic, emotional reason. I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with meat eating, I’ve just become accustomed to eating vegetarian and always thought it was fun. (I really need to redefine what I think is fun because I’m turning really lame)
  2. Unless there is solid belief/health reasons behind it, I don’t think a restrictive diet (read: cutting out the entire meat category) is a healthy one. Meat is part of a healthy, balanced diet, and although a diet can be completely healthy and balanced without it, adding meat to a diet in moderation doesn’t make it any less healthy.
  3. My mom was anemic when she ate meat and didn’t workout. I’m not eating meat, feeling tired, and increasing the intensity of my workouts. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck; it’s a duck.
  4. It’s friggn hard to eat vegetarian. Ideally I’d have fresh veggies on hand and the time to prepare food that would give me a well-rounded diet, but reality isn’t ideal. I can’t shop for myself and don’t have as much time to prepare a variety of veg foods, so I end up eating the same exact thing
  5. I thought that eating vegetarian would reduce the amount of processed foods (read: food that comes from a box instead of a plant) that I consumed, but it has really stayed the same/increased. Ever eaten meat substitute? If that crap isn’t processed then I don’t know what is. Often times the alternative of meat is a carb and I’ve had so much pasta that I would refuse a free trip to Italy right now. (not really because Italians are beautiful people).

I’m tired of eating Greek yogurt, almonds and an apple for lunch day in and day out. I’m tired of eating scrambled eggs for dinner all the time. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE! 

So, come April 14th you may see a plate of chicken salad on this here blog because I’ve missed that stuff dearly and I’m just now realizing it isn’t necessary that I miss something. It also isn’t necessary for me to be dragged down all the time. Exciting things, man 🙂

I haven’t told my family because I’m dreading the resounding “We told you so” that is inevitable, but I’ll suck up my pride eventually. If you’re vegetarian, that’s awesome and I completely support it as a healthy diet. It isn’t for me, but I’m really glad I gave it this trial run! 

Another perk: No more sarcastic comments from close-minded omnivores! Louisiana loves its meat eaters...

Another perk: No more sarcastic comments from close-minded omnivores! Louisiana loves its meat eaters…

Are you vegetarian or have you tried it? How was your experience?

Running on a vegetarian/vegan diet? I’ve heard of people getting PR’s after becoming a veg head, so I guess it is possible!



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