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February 21, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

If you’re wondering where I’ve been lately, here’s a hint: it starts with “b”, ends in “d” and has an “e” in the middle. And in case you’re like me and too lazy to put those all together: I’VE BEEN IN BED. (I’ve also been in school which has taken an extremely stressful turn).

Remember when I hurt my Achilles on my 11 mile run? Well, I know this is coming from nowhere, but skiing on my hurt achilles actually WASN’T helpful for it. Shocking!

It didn’t hurt at all while I was in Colorado, I even skied on it three days in a row, but when I got home and tried to go out for 12 miles I quickly realized that Achilles wasn’t having any of that business. Miles 1-3 were okay, miles 3-5 felt like my right foot turned into a flipper (it was “flopping”), and by mile 9 the pain was so bad that I knew I’d have a serious injury if I went any further. Boo.

I think the writing has been on the wall for a while, but I’ve ignored it. Once I ignored the small stuff, the baby-injury just snowballed:

  1.  I think the initial issues started from over use; I’ve increased my mileage pretty quickly in the past months and although my body can go the distance and feels decent, I guess there were small stresses on my Achilles (and probably other places) that I didn’t know of until it turned into a baby-injury.
  2. It may have not been too wise to increase mileage like I did, but my real pitfall came when I didn’t listen to my body. My ankle had been hurting here and there throughout my training, but I kept going. When I really had problems with it (on my 11 miler), I didn’t give it adequate rest (skiing).
  3. I also came into this 9 mile long “12 mile” run after a week of vacation. I was active in Colorado but not running, so my body got out of the swing of things and I shocked it back into running too quickly.

I nursed myself with stretches, an ice bath, ibuprofen  and ice compression, right when I got home. The next day (Monday), I was still really sore and my right ankle was killing me during the day. I remember from cross country that if we ever felt our running “pre injuries” during the normal day) our coach would keep us from practice. This knowledge in hand, my weekly workouts looked/will look like this:

Monday: Thumb intervals (channel changing and texting; cross training, you know)


Tuesday: peddle away on the elliptical with a magazine (I was frustrated to do this because I think of myself as a runner, not a sorority girl.)

Wednesday: Spin

Thursday: 3 mile run and if I have any pain, then back to the pink machine (elliptical…)

Friday: 3(.5) mile run

Saturday: rest


Yeah, what a timely injury, a week before my half. Does that just suck or what? I was originally frustrated because I’ve worked so hard for this half and now my body’s backing out, but I can’t blame my body for reacting to what I’ve put it through. I’m feeling alot better now and hopefully I’ll be good by the race! If not, I’m still runnin’ that bitch. I’d rather be injured after the race then give up the week before all of my training finally comes to fruition. I’m an extremely wise runner, I know.

PS- I'm pretty pumped for this expo. KARA GOUCHER?!

PS- I’m pretty pumped for this expo. KARA GOUCHER?!



One thought on “Pouch Coutato

  1. […] that I was running much slower than I had anticipated at the height of my training, but after my “baby-injury” with my achilles, I was okay with taking it easy. I kept telling myself not to get hung up on pace and remember that […]

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