If you’re from Boulder

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February 19, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Then you’re probably:

1. extremely happy with your life

2. healthy

3. driving a Subaru or Jeep (but most likely a Subaru)

4. high (on yoga, of course)

5. intelligent and interesting to talk to

6. A CU student (and if so, you’re probably completely broke)

And if you’re just getting home from Boulder, 21+ hours away, then you’re probably crying a little in your soul. Oh wait, that’s me. My soul is sobbing after leaving that wondrous, beautiful city.

The first vegetarian menu I have ever laid eyes on. We're not in Dixie anymore!

The first vegetarian menu I have ever laid eyes on. We’re not in Dixie anymore!

We spent two nights in Boulder and toured CU on Friday. In related news, on Friday I discovered that the secret cure to life’s problems is Boulder, Colorado. I also discovered that the biggest of life’s problems is paying for tuition. More on that later.


The campus

We ate lunch in the dining hall (they had hippy food and that basically made my decision to enroll), toured campus, and sat in on a lecture. It was 30 degrees which was a little chilly, but it was also sunny so you really couldn’t feel the cold. I can totally see myself walking those snowy sidewalks next year with the flatirons as my background. Everything from this city felt right for me. I had such good vibes the entire time. 🙂

The setting

The setting

What didn’t feel so right for me was the conversation with the Naval ROTC recruiter. In fact, it sounded completely wrong with me. A couple things in life that are extremely non-Hannah: working at football games (unless the work is locating alcohol), wearing a fugly uniform once a week, having authority looming over me for 8 years, and not having the freedom to be a reckless college kid. I won’t look forward to college in its entirety if it includes answering to somebody in ROTC for four years and I won’t look forward to graduation if it entails moving anywhere according to the “Needs of the Navy.” I want their money but I have no commitment to offer. America doesn’t need less than committed people in their system, they don’t need me. (and I don’t need them).

(I do need their money, though).

So, now it’s back to busting my butt for scholarships. I’m applying to all of CU’s offered scholarships, FAFSA (federal aid), and a few private scholarships that I know of. It’s frustrating to be unsure of my future at my dream school, but I’m more excited about potentially attending now that I know I won’t have the burden of the Navy (something that I was never honestly very passionate about).

But I need lotsa money. Lots. If I can’t muster enough cheddar for CU, then Colorado State (CSU) is a much more affordable option and I already got the Dean’s Scholarship. Option two wouldn’t really be nearly half bad (Colorado, hello), but I fell completely in love with Boulder, so I’d really love to go to CU.

Regardless of college, I'll end up back on these mountain lined streets again, I know it.

Regardless of college, I’ll end up back on these mountain lined streets again, I know it.

How did you pay for college?

What’s your favorite city in America?

Any scholarships you know of? (I’m serious)



PS-I am now accepting donations to the Make Hannah a Buff fund. Donations accepted via email, prayer and sexual favors  and miracle. 


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