The Good with the Bad


February 8, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Every runner knows the countless parallels that running draws with real life. You get in what you get out, you learn patience with your body, you see that what you achieve is greatly up to your mind, and, as I’m learning today, you must take the good with the bad.

Today was one of those days. I’ve had awesome runs for a while now and the inevitable crapper-run has come around today, everybody knows what I’m talking about. Ugh. Let me back up and say that last night I kicked ass in Spin even though I knew my long run would be today. I decided to do my long run today (Friday) because we’re flying to Colorado tomorrow to ski and tour CU (YEAH BUDDY). Anyway, the first two miles were killer. My legs felt heavy and stiff, my ankle was sore and my feet were “flopping,” and I just wasn’t in the grove. Something was off and I felt it, but still wanted to finish the 9 miles I had left.

I pulled over, gave myself a pep talk, and took my Gu (at mile 2. Yes, seriously)

I pulled over, gave myself a pep talk and took my Gu (at mile 2. Yes, seriously)

I kept trucking along and eventually began zoning out and getting into the grove. I didn’t go to school today (so that I could “pack”) and I ran around campus to laugh at everyone that was there just for kicks. I was going at a steady 9:00 pace and feeling decent. I also had some smelly company in the form of a stray dog that followed me for 5 miles! I laughed with myself at the idea of tying this little fella to one of my friends’ bumpers. Hehe.

He smelled like rotten butthole, but I can't say I didn't mind the company

He smelled like rotten butthole, but at least he was cute! PS- that’s my school in the background. #Badbitchstatus

The run was going swimmingly in miles 3-10. Mile 11 was sort of challenging because my ankle hurt, but it wasn’t terrible. I finished at the same pace I had been running and felt strong and great about my new PDR!


Get home, ice bath, shower, lift up my leg to step out of the shower: foot dangles like a limp noodle. My right ankle was completely incapable of moving my foot. Nada.

My immediate reaction was “I’ve worked my ass off today and on every run in order to run this race and now my body’s hurt. Is there something I did wrong? Will this jeopardize my race?” then I remembered that we leave for Colorado tomorrow and this noodle-ankle could keep me from skiing. This was the last straw and tears began flowing. Yes, I had a complete breakdown in the shower. Tears and pouts and “why me” and the whole 9 yards. I’m not going to put it lightly; I was pissed.

I gave myself adequate time to wallow and once I had gotten all of my cry and selfish thoughts out of the way I got dressed and stretched/rolled my muscles. I can walk now but it sends pain striking through my achilles each time I try to move my foot. Although I’m frustrated that this happened, I know that I’m lucky because this is the first baby injury I’ve had. I know I didn’t completely tear my achilles because I can still move my foot, it just hurts. This is also actually coming at a good time because we’ll be in Colorado for a week and I won’t be able to run much so if I’m forced to take some rest days it will be alot easier on vacation ;). I’m somewhat worried that this will hinder skiing, but it doesn’t seem too grave right now.

All in all I’m still glad that I got in a good run. Although this little achilles incident annoys me, I know that it could be alot worse and I’m taking this as a lesson to listen to my body. I’ve pushed my ankles too hard and this is the end result; it was my fault, not my body’s.

The rest of the afternoon will be Rest, Ice, Elevation (and Interpol)

The rest of the afternoon will be Rest, Ice, Elevation (and Interpol) PS-why does my calf look gigantic?

In happy news, tonight is going to be the best.night.ever.

Southdowns parade (small parade in a neighborhood here) tonight; three of my friends live on the route; three parties and a parade. After that we’re all going to another party that sounds really fun. If I won’t be in Louisiana for Mardi Gras (the best week of the year) then you better believe that I’m at least going out with a bang. WHOO

Then I’ll be skiing for a week and spending the last two days in Boulder to tour CU! I’m SO EXCITED about this!! I already planned to run the Boulder Creek path. My first of (hopefully) many runs in Boulder.

My ankle is a poop turd but I’m still really excited. Life is good.

Have you ever been injured? How did you deal with the frustration it brought?

Ever been skiing or to Colorado?

Do you wear a hat while skiing? (I know this is random. My mom’s complaining because I lost my ski hat, but woman calm down. I hardly ever wear my jacket while skiing, much less a hat.)


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