Only 24.2 Left to Go!


February 5, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Ever had that itch to do something that seems completely off the wall? That little voice in your head thinking of ideas from absolutely nowhere? Yeah well it’d be nice to say that’s why the idea of a Boston passed my mind today (and then I could blame it on fate being the reason behind that feeling), but in all reality the idea came from where else, running blogs. Who woulda thunk.

Before you tell me to finish a half first, hear me out. I’m not getting ahead of myself and saying that a BQ is anywhere in my (near) future, I’m just saying that imagining crossing the finish line and seeing the clock then bursting into tears and saying weeping “THAT WAS MY BQ, I BQ’ED!!” is a really fun fantasy to have. I have, in fact, thoroughly imagined every detail of it. Try it, it’s really fun.

This got me to thinking and I decided to look up what my BQ would be and run a short run at that pace. Easy enough, right? Sorta..

My BQ is a 3:35 marathon, AKA 8:12 min/mile, AKA 7.3mph on the treadmill. At this point I was thinking that I usually use 7 mph on the ‘mill as my “sprint” speed, but I decided to aim for 4 miles at my “BQ pace” because why not?

Holy hell.

It wasn’t impossible and felt more like a pick up pace; a little bit above conversational pace, but still not easy. After the first mile I felt the pace in my shins and realized that it’d be really stupid (and pathetic) if I got injured “playing Boston” for no useful reason. After one mile I did 20 minutes on the elliptical then hopped back on for another mile .75 mile at BQ pace.

It was fun to see what pace I’d have to run. I can’t imagine running a marathon at that pace, an entire MARATHON. If you’ve ran a Boston or BQ’d, then you are my new hero. No current goals to BQ as of now, but hey you never know!

Have you ever ran a BQ? A Boston? 

Do you have plans to BQ or run Boston? 

Anyone else ever “played Boston”? 


2 thoughts on “Only 24.2 Left to Go!

  1. As much as I’d love the glory of running Boston one day, I never will. I think it’s totally sexist how there is such a drastic difference between male and female times. A 30 minute gap between genders. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

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