You’re Beautiful like a Rainbow (Shut up and just be you)


February 2, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

I’m no fitness expert, but I’ve been around long enough to understand the basic ins and outs of fitness. From barefoot running to acai berries and hydroxicut; fitness is a trendy little world.

First there was barefoot, minimalist running

First there was barefoot, minimalist running

And now there's zero drop

And now there’s zero drop

Why should I believe that either of these “advancements” are the secret to perfected running form? People have been competitively running for years. If the secret solution was to run with practically nothing on your feet, dontcha think somebody would have already done it?

Acai berry used to be everywhere,

Acai berry used to be everywhere,

as well as diet pills

as well as diet pills

and now there's blender shakes and protein powder

and now there’s blender shakes and protein powder

and really, if you don't have a gluten intolerance then shut up about everything being gluten free

and really, if you don’t have a gluten intolerance then shut up about everything needing to be gluten free

The list goes on but you get my point: fitness and diet recommendations change. The new metabolism revving food might be avocados this week and oatmeal the next. Today I’m going to go run with 3 inches of rubber under my foot and tomorrow I’ll be running naked. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE?! 

It’s perfectly fine for the people who have tried these things and found that they work best for them. If your stomach does better without gluten, then don’t eat gluten. If your form improves in a minimalist shoe, then buy yoself some Nike frees and lace up. But if you’re doing perfectly fine with all the tried and true methods then why confuse yourself to by adding new limitations or new gadgets to your plan?

I know for myself that I’ve been so easily influenced by so many nutrition “suggestions” that my diet has dwindled to only a handful of acceptable foods. I’m getting better about it, but there have been times when my diet was largely based on eggs, quinoa, vegetables/fruits, nuts and Greek yogurt. Ever gone to pack a lunch or plan a meal and realized there is NOTHING in the house to eat because nothing is any longer “acceptable”? Is going out to eat hard because you have to decipher the menu to find the healthiest option available then make sure you quarter or half it up into the appropriate portion sizes? Yes? It sucks! Living healthy is just that, living healthy. Not being restricted to a corner of the food pyramid and staying there. If “healthy living” becomes a set of restrictions then it leads to an unhealthy relationship to food, plain and simple. If it isn’t a reasonable lifestyle, then it won’t last along side your life. 

I love healthy living and I love running because, let’s get real here, I love myself. (I also love the color orange). If I didn’t love myself then I wouldn’t care what I put into my body and how I use it. I don’t care if I’m skinny. I don’t care if I can run a 6 minute mile or a 10 minute mile, I care that I’m healthy. And because I don’t want to burn out on healthy and want a balance, I also don’t care that I had pizza for dinner last night. Let’s not lie to ourselves and pretend that “OH, I AM JUST CRAVING A PLATE FULL OF LETTUCE RIGHT NOW” is a truthful phase because, PLEASE, nobody is actually that weird.

Eat 1200 calories a day and exercise at least an hour a day, five times a week. Stretch and strength train along with cardio. Eat kale chips but make sure they’re reduced sodium. Greek yogurt has 8x the protein of normal yogurt, so only eat that. Eat almonds but watch the portion size because nuts are high in calories. If you’re eating carbs make sure they’re fiber filled whole grains. Run intervals at your MVO2 heart rate for exactly 800m then rest for thirty seconds and repeat. Drink enough water to pee clear all day long and only drink clear alcohol. Eat healthily the entire week but have a splurge day where you completely pig out on everything in sight. Treat your body well and give your lifestyle, whatever it may be, a balance. 

Keep it simple, stupid.



4 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful like a Rainbow (Shut up and just be you)

  1. only1rodney says:

    This was a grrrrreat post. wow. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. YES. YES. YES. I love this. I am ALL about common sense and not believing hype/bs. My ranty kinda post like this.

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