You Say Tempo, I say “I think this sounds fun”

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January 31, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Today’s run was really fun! We were on early dismissal so I had an extra hour to kill and was determined to be done working out by the time we normally get out. (This is becoming a really fun game for me every time we get out early). I was planning on 5 miles around the lakes, but it was a little nippy out I’m a noob and thought it was too breezy, so I decided on the trusty rusty ‘mill instead. I realized that 5 miles would be about 50ish minutes, which was unthinkable since I had already challenged myself to be done at 2:45, so my very first homemade “workout” was born. I called it a tempo, but it was more like longish intervals that could have been a little faster if they really wanted to be called “tempo.”

IMG_5414[1]I originally planned on only 4 miles, but then Pandora decided to give me a little pep talk in the form of Sweet Talk so I stayed at 7 mph until the song ended. I was at 4.31 miles when the song ended and figured I might as well just go the next .19 mile to make it an even 4.5 miles.

My base pace was a 9.05 min/mile which is about the pace of my long runs, and my “tempo” pace was 8.35 min/mile which is about the pace of a really short run. It wasn’t impossible but was still challenging and I had fun with it. In the future I think I’ll do some more homemade workouts and probably with a little faster “tempo” pace and at different interval lengths. There’s so many ways to play around with a homemade workout! I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS, YAY.  🙂

I didn’t catch my time and average pace at the end of my workout, but if you can decipher this picture feel free to tell me what it was.



I also have a selfie to prove that I was sweaty. Just LOOK at that salty glisten.

PS- I have a face for every emotion. This is the "I told you so" face because "I TOLD YOU THAT YOU'D SWEAT"

PS- I have a face for every emotion. This is the “I told you so” face because “I TOLD YOU THAT YOU’D SWEAT”

I also have this because it 1) makes the above selfie almost normal and 2) makes me feel more confident about my running hair which many would call a shit show.



Find confidence where ever you can; even if it’s in the knowledge that other people look disgusting while/after running. (Most people don’t take pictures of it though.)

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to Body Pump but really dreading it because I’d much rather run. I’ve avoided strength training for 9 days now and my arms will eventually revolt. My legs, on the other hand, are perfectly okay with this. Maybe I’ll skimp again and find a reason why I should run instead. My life is so hard.


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