Privileged Life or Life as a Privilege?


January 29, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

I’ve been doing some blog stalking today and I came across this post which got me to thinking not only of my future, but of my potential. (PS- Derek, your entire life is my dream). Finishing up high school has proven difficult because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but must first finish a ton of bull shit useless classes so that I can be labeled as a graduate. It isn’t life giving, it isn’t exciting, it isn’t my passion, but a diploma is lucrative.Believe me when I say that I honestly love learning and will easily devour a book, song, poem, or any topic that interests me. But, if it wasn’t for what a diploma carries (or the way society views those who don’t have one), I don’t know for sure that I’d be spending my time in classes all day “learning” things that will never benefit me or enhance my enjoyment of life. It just isn’t what works for me.

I sound like a slacker with senioritis, but there has to be some validity to my feelings. Why is it that what you “look like on paper” determines your earnings, your career, your life? Does it matter that I graduated from Johns Hopkins with honors or does it matter that I’m capable of saving a dying man’s life? Furthermore, will my life be enriched because I can perfectly recount every trigonomic identity, or will my life be enriching because of my relationships, experiences, and the way I’ve learned to know myself? I think it’s really limiting that so much of our lives and hell, our development as people, depends on money. Why does money determine a person’s livelihood? What you know, who you’re with, what you do; it all depends on money. Why?

If money weren’t a matter, what would you do?

If I could go anywhere and do anything without either money to support my lifestyle or a life (job) to support my money, where would I be?

I think I’d be in Boulder. I think I’d go to school, but only taking the classes in which I found interest, not classes I “needed” to graduate. I think I’d ski every day and camp every night. I’d run a marathon and have the time to train. I’d go white water rafting in the Summer. I’d be surrounded by friends and a fair share of partying. <– this was my initial response, until I realized this is a constant vacation which would fail to teach me anything because it would be void of any significant challenges. 

I guess what I’d want to happen (and hopefully what will actually happen in my life) is a balance of things I love and things I love yet still must work for. It’s nice to daydream about a life of fun with few responsibilities, that’d be really comfortable and nice. However, I don’t think the purpose of life is to find comfort and stay there. Life is a constant balance, and if this balance remains how it should be then life is also constant growth. Growth happens when we’re a little itchy; a little uncomfortable but not completely miserable. An ideal life, for me, would be a combination of the fun, adventurous things I love, as well as the challenging, constructive things that I’m passionate about, but still require some hard work. I’m not destined to stay in Baton Rouge my entire life, go to LSU, and go straight into my career, marriage, family, ect. In fact, I’d feel like that was a waste of the great possibility of my life. I want to explore, adventure and get my feet wet in shenanigans. Learning won’t ever stop; even if it comes from the school of hard knocks.  I also want (need) some type of responsibility to keep me tied down (because God knows I couldn’t handle myself if I was out there without a single care), but I want these both in balance. Not a cubicle from 9-5, but not a 15 mile run everyday and a party every night. A little bit of both, and a lot a bit of the things that make me happy. Until then, I’ll be up at 6AM tomorrow for school. Whoo.


Anybody smelling what I’m stepping in with this? Agreement, disagreement?

If money weren’t an issue, what would you do?

What is the craziest, most insane dream you have? 
I want to white water raft down the Grand Canyon, get married and adopt two children from Haiti and go back to France. For a long time. Like I want to live in France. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Privileged Life or Life as a Privilege?

  1. Great Post! I would say I am living a constant vacation right now and although I agree that it is void of any big challenges I still would not give it up for anything. I have had nothing but awesome experiences in the places I have been and with the people I have met since graduating high school. My advice is if you want to ski every day and camp every night then do it, life will throw you enough challenges

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