Distance, Breakup and Speed

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January 28, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

1. Distance: 9.02 miles (PR until next Saturday’s long run!)

2. Breakup (time off to figure out our personal issues) with my Garmey because he decided to automatically stop 3 miles into my long run so now my distance PR is all split up and my watch doesn’t think it’s a record. POOP.

3. Speed workout revisited (and nearly just as butt kicking but not quite)

A couple things about that 9 miler:

This song solidified Santigold's Pandora station as officially the bees knees

This song solidified Santigold’s Pandora station as the bee’s official knees

I prefered the taste of this Gu because it wasn't so heavy/thick tasting, but I prefer the caffeine in the Blackberry.

I preferred the taste of this Gu because it wasn’t so heavy/thick tasting, but I prefer the caffeine in the Blackberry.

I took the Gu at mile 3 because a) it was 77 degrees (Louisiana is lovely) b) it was crazy humid and c) there’s a secret water fountain/bathroom I found at a tennis place that is optimal for Gu eating. This is also when things got rocky between my Garmey and me. WHY’D YA HAVE TO GO AND MAKE THINGS SO COMPLICATED?!?! [Read: save the run with out telling me]. I think it was paused for too long and saves after a certain amount of time, but either way I’m hurt that he would do this. I loved him.

Tomatoesque after only 27 minutes. Did I just sleep through winter or something because last I checked it was January and not 77 degrees?

Tomato-esque after only 27 minutes. Did I just sleep through winter or something because last I checked it was January and not 77 degrees?

Anywho, the final [split up] results are:


It was a really awesome run and I’m happy that it’s under 9:10 for the average pace! After the run, I did the typical ice bath, hydrate (with water this time), and stretch. Not sore in the mornin!

Sunday was a rest day that was gloriously spent in Baton Rouge’s happy, sunny spring January weather with Sophia and Will. City park, huge blanket, Interpol, sunshine and friends. Ahhh 🙂

Today I unofficially have the day off of school because there was an “anonymous threat”  and although the school hired “extra security,” I still wasn’t taking any chances. (Plus, Senioritis is a handicap so I’m sick. Right?). It turned out to be some 10 year old kid calling as a prank. Very stupid of him and terrible to feel unsafe at school, but I won’t look an off day in the mouth! I decided to do this speed workout again and see if I’ve improved. It was still an extreme kick in the derriere, but I felt stronger than I did last time!

Compared to Last time: (Today’s commentary is in orange) (Orange is festive and fun)

  • 3 minute warm up: 4.5 mph (5 mph) 
  • 3 minute tempo: 6.5 mph
  • Set 1: sprint 1 minute (7.5 mph), jog 1 minute (6mph), sprint 1 (7.5 mph)
  • 3 minute tempo (6.7 mph)
  • 3 minute RECOVERY! 4.5 mph (5 mph)
  • 5 minute tempo: 6.7 mph (this is when you realize you aren’t on a long run and it won’t be easy) (Yeah, this part still sucked)
  • Set 2: sprint 1 (7.5 mph), jog 1 (6 mph), sprint 1 (7.5mph), jog 1 (6 mph), sprint 1 (7.5)
  • 5 minute tempo: 7mph (hey, look at that big red “Stop” button. NO HANNAH, STOP THAT THOUGHT.) 
  • 3 minute recovery: 4.5 mph (I added an extra minute to the recovery because I added extra weight in BP last night) (I took away this extra minute because I was ballin today) 
  • 3 minute tempo: 7 mph
  • Set 3: sprint 1 (7.5 mph), jog 1 (6 mph), sprint 1 (7.5 mph)
  • 3 minute tempo (I basically completely nixed this last tempo since it only lasted 1:30 minutes… (this last tempo didn’t even happen) 

So I guess that last tempo is the only thing holding me back from RXing (as the CrossFitters would say) this workout. Three widdle minutes. 1, 2, 3. That’s it. I’m better than giving up in the last three minutes. Hannah, do better.

I’m off to take advantage of the rest of my day off! I don’t know what could possibly ensue, but knowing me it will be something completely off the wall.

Speed work or long runs?

Ever have watch issues?

What’s the last little thing you need to overcome to fully complete something?

(Totally random) Did anyone see Kendrick Lamar on Saturday Night Live? He wasn’t too great live, in my opinion.



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