How do Fish Party?

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January 26, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie


How does CU party?

Legal weed.

This is that sketchy-ish post I was talking about. We all know that I’m going to CU Boulder come hell or high water, and we also all know what that school (and now that state) is known for, so I’m going to acknowledge the elephant in the room and say it: marijuana. Weed, hash, pot, Mary Jane, kush, 420, purp, ganja.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’ll say that I knew CU was a “stoner school” when I applied, and that isn’t the reason I applied. (Although I’d like to say that I’m not opposed to legalization or Colorado’s love of bud). Last night my parents brought up the subject and, like most people assume when I mention University of Colorado, they were curious of my opinion on the subject. So here it is: Colorado’s lax marijuana laws are a perk, if anything. I chose Colorado, and more specifically Boulder, because of the location, culture, and people. It’s beautiful, it’s a run-y, bike-y, hike-y place to live, people are active, people are interesting, and SKIING. I realize that weed will be plentiful, and I’m not worried nor opposed to this. I won’t suddenly become Bob Marley, but I must say that I don’t have any issue with marijuana used in a responsible way. Compared to alcohol I think it’s a safer alternative, actually. After this discussion (which was some kind of awkward, mind you) with my parents, I did some googling and found this article about CU’s ranking as the number 1 college for “Reefer Madness” in the country. Ironic that I find marijuana safer than alcohol, because LSU (the alternative to CU and my parents’ preference for me)ranked first as party school. It’s annoying that my parents don’t mind drinking nearly as much as they mind smoking. Maybe it’s just a generation gap, but it doesn’t make sense to me. (PS- It’s really hard to write this post without sounding like a stoner, but please know that I’m not the vagrant, drop out, lazy pot head that may come to mind).

big weird

I’m extremely interested in the comparison of marijuana to tons of things we do everyday. I also realize that I’m a high school kid and I don’t really know what I’m talking about. My opinion on this subject is limited, but I find it very interesting both scientifically (the effects of marijuana) and economically (the effects of legalization). What bothers me is the bias in society. Marijuana isn’t necessarily harmless, but information is slow in coming because a large part of society seems too close-minded to think of it as acceptable.

I find this to be a fascinating topic so I thought I’d post about it!

What are your thoughts about marijuana? Legalization? Recreation?

Oh, and in other news, check out these apples:

$5,000 renewed every year! SHITYEAH. Hopefully CU can pick up the pace and mail me some money. If not, CSU here I come.

$5,000 renewed every year! SHITYEAH. Hopefully CU can pick up the pace and mail me some money. If not, CSU here I come.


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