Runs of the Week (and I swear I’ll post more often)

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January 21, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

1. Hannah, next time you don’t feel like posting remember this post and how annoying it is to put a zillion (read: week’s worth) of things into one post.

2. This was a really good running week and a really good-to-be-Hannah week because it was just happy

3. If it rains one more day in Louisiana I’m revolting and moving to Colorado. Actually I’m doing that anyway. Snow > cold rain

Workouts for the Week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: cold rain day so 4 miles on the mill at 6.7 (I actually didn’t mind the treadmill for once!)

Tuesday: BodyPump

Wednesday: Nuttin but nappin. Sleep from 3-6, wake up, bed at 9. Praise Jesus.

Thursday: 5.5 miles at the lakes (FINALLY DIDN’T RAIN, THANK YOU GOD.)

Friday: 3 miles in the neighborhood and my legs made it clear that they hate me

Saturday: Marathon…of Workaholics (if Blake Anderson is reading this, you can express ship my engagement ring because we’re getting married). AKA rest day

Sunday: 8 miles at the lakes in GAW-JUS weather at a 9:05 pace

*Note: Kevin Gates is my new favorite person. And this song is why.

Sunday’s 8 miles was the first time I tried Gu AKA coke in gel form. I took it at mile 3 and was a firecracker for the rest of the run. That’s the good stuff, man.

I love you.

I love you.

5:00 runs at the lakes= heaven

5:00 runs at the lakes= heaven


I also saw this. (Ripped off) underage bracelet and a cleanly cut cigarette filter. Somebody had a fun night. You stay cla$$y, Baton Rouge.

I also saw this. [Ripped off] underage bracelet and a cleanly cut cigarette filter. Somebody had a fun night. You stay cla$$y, Baton Rouge.

After my long run I ran into a friend and ended up staying out until 1ish. That probably wasn’t the best recovery method after a long run since I usually do an ice bath and the like.

Do you use Gu? Favorite flavor? Caffeine or not? When do you take it?

Interesting stuff you find running? 






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