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January 9, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Today’s run was rough since I was sore on top of sore. Monday’s BodyCombat ruined my upper body (it’s been over three weeks since I’ve done that class!) and Tuesday’s BodyPump with my new weight in most of the tracks didn’t help the problem. Louisiana’s awful weather also through a wrench into things by raining literally all day for the last three days. I never knew so much water existed and I’m still confused as to how it keeps finding its way here. I digress. Even with all this jazz going on, today was an early dismissal day which means I ran because I could get it done earlier than usual! I went straight to the lakes after school and planned on going 4 miles since I was sore.

Garmey was doing this for centuries (that's Hannah for 45 seconds) with all the clouds

Garmey was doing this for centuries 45 seconds because of the clouds 

I started off too fast at a 7:45 mile which came around to bite me in the butt like it always does, so mid run I had a “get your shit together” pep talk with myself then went after it again slower and more steady. I’ve realized that I have an arsenal of songs to turn to when my run begins going South and needs some pizzazz. This was today’s.

After I refocused it turned out to be a pretty good run! My muscles were screaming the whole time and my legs felt like lead, but it was still enjoyable. I’m definitely stretching/rolling everything well tonight and taking it easy tomorrow, though!

That extra .61 mile was accidental, but I'll still take credit for it

That extra .61 mile was accidental, but I’ll still take credit for it 😉 

In the last half mile I came to some Huge-Jazz puddles that at first bothered me because I was going to get my little shoes wet for the first time. Then, I realized that I had already gone farther than planned so I decided to take off my shoes and walk through the puddles, just for kicks.

My ankles thought this was manna from heaven, a perfect mini ice bath right after my run

My ankles thought this was manna from heaven, a perfect mini ice bath right after my run

Fun run and what’s even better is that I was done with my workout by 3PM. Holla.


I’m tacking this on to the bottom of this just because I forgot to post it earlier. Last Saturday night was the Elan Cotillion Snowball dance that I went to got denied entry to with Amelia. Turns out that popping up without a ticket and expecting to sneak in isn’t always the best plan. Sophia and Will picked me up (thankfully, since the mean lady threw me out on the streets of downtown Baton Rouge without a second thought) and we went to a show at Here Today Gone Tomorrow.




IMG_4864[1]How was your workout today?What workout are you doing tomorrow? I’m planning on CX then either Spin or taking a breather on the elliptical since I’m sore today!

Favorite song to get you back into kick ass mode? 

Ever got kicked out of a dance? Ever been lost downtown alone at night? 


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