Love-Hate Relationship

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January 8, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Hola, amigos! Today’s workout was CX and BodyCombat at the gym…in January. Which means it was packed with newbies since this is Join-a-Gym season. I remember when I was one of those new comers and felt like an idiot in every class for at least about a month before I learned the ropes. It was rough, but I’ve become comfortable enough to spend a decent amount of time (read: my life) in the trusty rusty gym. In honor of these newbies (and for the tons of others out there), I thought I’d be fun to explain the love-hate relationship that grows between any person and their fitness regime (other than the obvious that it will help you to not die). There are definitely pros and cons, so I’m listing both (in color to vamp it up a bit) 🙂

Fun of being a Fitness Freak:

1. Confidence: Maybe I’ve noticed this because I’m a teenage girl and it’s typical for us to lack self-confidence, but whatever the reason fitness has made me more confident. It doesn’t make me perfect, but when I wind up in front of a mirror with a friend pointing out her every flaw, it’s alot easier for me to accept “flaws” if I think “So what this isn’t a washboard? This core is why I can run and weight lift and dance and live. It’s flawless because it works its ass off for me.” My body is beautiful because it gives me what I ask of it; it’s beautiful because it works. 

2. An outlet: Stress, worry, problems, anger, confusion, restlessness, boredom; all disappear after a good workout. I never realize how much better I feel after working out until I go a couple days without working out and become a frigid bitch. It’s my coping method for life and I couldn’t imagine living without it. 

3. Accomplishment: This one speaks for itself once you get the feeling. Running isn’t easy. Getting off the couch isn’t easy. Putting yourself out there isn’t easy. But, doing what’s easy isn’t constructive or rewarding. Shut up and test yourself. 

4. Camaraderie: Today I was speaking to the owner of my gym before class about going to Boulder. He told me about a bike tour he did in Colorado and said that Boulder is “full of people like us. The bike and running paths are as big as the roads.” Fitness gives you friends and a community of people that are “that type of crazy” just like you are. There exists crazy people out there who also think a reward for a good long run is a fast short run and vice versa. There are people that get excited to see quinoa on a menu. They exist and they are marvelous; go find them.

5. The thrill of the fight: I don’t know about y’all, but I am COMPETITIVE as all get out. Meyers-Briggs would say that I’m in the 95th percentile for competitive nature, to be exact. I love fitness for a slew of reasons, but what keeps me coming back is that it is the only situation in which my work and efforts are the only way to improvement. Everyday I wake up and know that today there will be a run or a class or a workout that will give me another chance to tell myself who I am. I get to know my body, my strengths, and my values in every workout,  every day. It’s a huge part of who I am because it’s taught me so much about what I can do. Go out there and discover that you are in fact a bad ass. If I am, you are. 

And, as we all know, fitness draws many parallels to life. Of these are the “downsides” of fitness:


1. Saying no: “Happy Birthday! Here’s a cake” “Crap. How do I get rid of this without being rude?” Saying no is the single most annoying part of healthy living. Not because I actually want that piece of cake but because I don’t want to offend anybody or act like I’m too good for the unhealthy food on hand. It gets tiring thinking of excuses why you can’t eat something when the actual reason is that you don’t enjoy treating your body like a shit pit no matter how good it may taste. People get annoyed by a constant good example; but their opinion isn’t worth your health.

2. Finding time: As y’all have probably noticed in my previous posts, Christmas break was hard to balance with running. Party after party after party doesn’t help running at all. School doesn’t help fitness, work doesn’t help fitness, family doesn’t (always) help fitness. Life doesn’t condone fitness. Make your health a value and you’ll find time to make it part of your day. 

3. It’s confusing! I’ve been running for 5 years now and I still find it confusing to figure out how to train for something. To somebody just getting started, fitness must look like a mystery cult. It takes time, injuries, and embarrassing questions to learn the swing of things. What might not be natural for what you is still natural to your body. Listen to your body before all the articles, trainers, and hype. 

4.  You accumulate alot of weird things: Compression socks, eleventy thousand pairs of different running shoes, running belts, Gu gels, muscle roller things, fancy pants tank tops, fancy pants pants, fancy pants hoodies, atrocious looking watches just as expensive as your Fossil and about three times as valued (if you’re me!), bike cleats, chaffing cream, the list goes on. This means 1. you better find space for all this stuff (I like the strewn around your room method) and 2. all these knick nacks can get expensive. Walk around town wearing some running capris that give you a cute booty and claim that “I’m hot shit” feeling then this won’t be a problem. 

5. Lunch boxing all the way: Lunch box to school, lunch box to work, lunch box to vacation, lunch box to retreat, lunch box to friends’ houses, lunch box to basically anything that takes me away from picking my own food. I don’t want your meaty, processed, white flour junk. Give me lunch box or give me heart failure. 

Ah, that was kinda fun. I may do another post like this in the future!

Anybody else agree/disagree with these pros and cons?

What are your biggest reasons for loving and hating fitness?


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