Give-a, Give-a, Give-a Garmin


January 5, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

Or in my case, buy your own Garmin because you get bored one morning and have some Christmas cheddah laying around in your bank account. I also have been getting fed up with the RunKeeper app because it’s basically worthless, so, Han’s first Garmin came to be! I chose the Forerunner 10 for a couple of reasons: 1. It’s adorable 2. It isn’t gigantic 3. Keep it simple stupid 4.  It will do everything I need and nothing more 5. It was reasonably priced ($130). I bought it on Amazon on Thursday and it was in by Friday morning! 🙂


It came with a USB charger and instruction manual, although anyone with half a brain could figure it out. Super easy set up

Only 4 buttons: Idiot proof, thank you very much

Only 4 buttons: Idiot proof, thank you very much

The watch will give you distance, current pace, time, and calories while you’re running and will give you total distance, average pace, total calories, and total time once you’ve stopped. This can be frustrating because while you’re running you can’t see your average pace, so if you’re working out with a set pace in mind then you’re basically SOL unless you’re awesome at mental math. I didn’t have a problem with it; but I could see somebody easily getting frustrated during interval workouts because of this. Another possibly irksome thing about it is that the lap is set at 1 mile, so speed work involving 400s or 600s would be difficult. Anywho, it lets you chose what you will see on the watch face, so I chose to see current pace/distance on the first screen (the one that shows up the entire run) and time/calories burned on the second screen (you have to press the down button to see this during your run). It was really simple and had a big font that was easy to read! That I also forgot to take a picture of. Oops, take my word for it!

It also has a “virtual pacer” that lets you set a target pace and will annoy the CRAP out of you if you get slower than your desired pace. Like seriously the thing wakes the dead and momentarily plays bomb-about-to-explode until you speed up. Motivation? Another feature is auto pause that will, as the instructions said, “automatically pause if you stop moving.” Well, I tried this one out and it automatically paused after I had been still for about 10 seconds which jacked up my average pace because it didn’t pause until it got to a 10 minute mile when I was actually running at 8:45. POOP. Since that annoyed me, I only used auto pause once and manually paused it from then on out (by pressing the runner guy button). I really liked manually pausing it because it has a laziness-limit built in so that if you pause it for more than a couple of minutes (I don’t know the exact time) it will automatically end your workout. This sort of sucks because I’m partial to long stops at the water fountain and stretching for way too long at each stop, but also doesn’t suck because I shouldn’t have been doing that anyway. I guess this is Garmin’s way of savin’ some for the fishes.

ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION: I’ve been an undiscovered speed demon this entire time and nobody, not even myself, knew about it. I used both my watch and the RunKeeper app on this run so that I could compare the two. Check out these apples:

RunKeeper average pace: 9.15 min/mile; distance: 4.65mi

Garmin average pace: 8.48 min/mile; distance: 5mi

Looks like I’m a hidden bad ass. The above data is what earned your keep, my dear Garmin. Overall I’m pleased with the watch for my level of running. More serious runners (those with dedicated average paces or heart rate monitors) would probably benefit from one of Garmin’s higher-end watches, but for my purposes the Forerunner 10 is just what I need. It wouldn’t have cut the mustard with my cross country coach because it only does 1 mile laps, so if you’re doing speed work (400’s or 600’s) I’d suggest using a different watch with adjustable laps. It was still a good purchase and I’d recommend it!

Welcome to the daily grind, greenie!

Welcome to the daily grind, greenie!

Oh yeah! Like all Garmin products, this watch allows you to keep track of your runs on which I’m pretty excited about! Go look for me: Hanlaville!


3 thoughts on “Give-a, Give-a, Give-a Garmin

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  2. College Tri says:

    This is why I’ve never trusted those running apps! Good choice with the Garmin!

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