Comatose Christmas


January 5, 2013 by toheaveninahooptie

My activities have been about as frequent as my recent posts. Oh yeah, that means non-existent. It’s the typical Christmas break grind: sleep till noon, eat, fart around on the internet, eat, nap, -maybe go on a run but not probable-, eat, see friends/go out/stay up late for boring reasons because my sleep schedule is off; repeat. It’s been nice to have time to couch potato the day away, but it’s sort of frustrating that 1. my sleep schedule is that of a week old infant’s and 2. I’m accomplishing jack shit (I’m doing things; but nobody feels accomplished for going out?). I digress. Let’s get to the fun stuff.

New Years: like I said in my last post, there was a delima of which party to go to with whom. The youth of Baton Rouge seriously dropped the ball (New Years pun, hehe) this year as far as parties go. There were a couple of parties but none were too alluring and everybody was going to different ones. Poop. I wasn’t about to waste my time doing such potentially boring pussy shit vaginal-influenced activities (I should have made “stop cussing like a Sailor” a resolution), so I spent the night at my friend Sophia’s house with my other friend, Amelia. Best New Years yet; it really deserves its own post. (It totally beat the sloppy drunkeness of the rest of Baton Rouge’s youth my friends. We met some people at 2AM for a very odd time at Waffle House and from the looks of it I wouldn’t have wanted to be them the next morning.) Us girls had an awesome time talking, laughing, dancing tripping around the room, singing, watching stupid videos, and losing Sophia’s ferret. The three of us always have creative forms of entertainment..

New Yurs selfie

New Yurs selfie wit ma interesting looking, air-dried hairz

If you’re wondering, one of the things we found –vastly- hilarious and entertaining was this. See all those views it miraculously got? Yeah well at least 1/3 of them were from us). IT WAS A REALLY COOL THING TO WATCH AT THE TIME OK OK!!!

Okay, moving on.

I’ve been stuck in a really depressing rut when it comes to running. Waking up at noon and having plans with friends beginning around 7 isn’t very conductive to running, or actually isn’t conductive at all. I’m sorry, running. I do love you; really, I do. In the past week I’ve gone three days straight without running without a single good reason other than that I “couldn’t get around to it.” Which is a complete lie to myself and to my little passion of running. I could very easily set an alarm for 9AM and be running 7 miles every morning; I’m just not. It’s an excuse and I don’t like it.

These holidays have done something good for my running, although. Enter: night running.  (Night= after dark or like 8PM). I’ve been fitting in runs later in the day when it’s cold, dark and usually rainy because I’ve turned into a nocturnal fox (I say fox because it makes me feel sexy; I’m actually more like a nocturnal hamster). I’m probably the only person excited about this and that’s because it reminds me of my humble beginnings with running. I began running with my brother while he was cutting weight for wrestling. We always ran at night because Henry wore these obnoxiously hellish plastic suits that made him look like the Michelin man (with the goal that he would sweat too much and lose more weight; wrestling is a harsh sport). Now every time I run right after dark it reminds me of those first runs with Hen. Not pleasant times for him, but I owe an extremely large part of my life to running and that wouldn’t have happened without those numerous night runs with the brudder. Aww ❤

Look at Hen go!

Look at Hen go!

The Christmas holidays end Monday which is bad for my GPA and happiness in life but probably good for every other aspect of Hannah. Until then, I’ve been really frustrated with myself with how little I’ve been running. I understand that it’s sometimes hard to run without the perfect circumstances, but for the love of Christ, Hannah; GET YOUR ASS ON THE ROAD ALREADY. In attempt to get my legs out of their unnecessary hiatus, I’ve done something I actually have always done. An impulse buy!!

I-just-paid-a-ridiculous-amount-of-money-to-make-life-more-exciting post/review to come soon!

I-just-paid-a-ridiculous-amount-of-money-to-make-life-more-exciting post/review to come soon!


2 thoughts on “Comatose Christmas

  1. College Tri says:

    I love my Garmin! Although, I would recommend not using the absolutely horrible software CD they give you and only use! Also, I must say, good choice on New Year’s Eve! 😉

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