2012 in Review

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December 31, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

Ahh, New Years. For many it means a fresh start and a chance to clean the slate. For me it means a serious delima as to which party I’m going to and with whom. Typical Hannah problem. I will try to muster some sincerity of myself to write this post and actually analyze last year. I will also include some adorable Harold’s Planet cartoons because they’re cute.

2012 was arguably one of the best years of my life. Not only because of significant events (going to France twice!) but mainly because of the people, fun, and experiences I’ve had. This was my first year as a “partier.” Partying lead me to many hungover mornings wishing I hadn’t done a lot of things the night before and being mad at myself for them. Likewise, partying takes a definite toll on your body and I’ve paid for it in many painful runs, messed up sleep schedules, tired days, achy muscles, and that damned “I poisoned myself last night” feeling. Balancing life (family time and running, basically) with partying isn’t an easy task and I know that in the past year I’ve been off balance many times. It hasn’t been easy, but I wouldn’t change it.

Never thought I'd learn so much from doing what I do

Never thought I’d learn so much from where I’ve been in 2012

The reason I wouldn’t change anything from the past year is because I’ve learned SO much about myself, my body, my friends and family. I know that I have a ways to go, but I’ve developed my back bone and my judgement of character is also in further development. The frog’s I’ve kissed have taught me just as much as the quality friendships I’ve made; I’m getting to know when to draw the line with a person and who isn’t worth my time because the line will quickly have to be drawn. It’s a scary, taxing, but necessary lesson to learn in life. Although I’ve met many people that have shown me who I shouldn’t associate with, there are also numerous new friends in my life that I value deeply and wouldn’t know or be close to had I not had those unforgettable late nights with them. I’ve learned that my body can only handle so much and that I’ll have to pay when I’ve done too much. Although I don’t always observe my body’s limits, I at least have a good idea as to what they are. It has taken a lot of “off days” to know these limits, but now I know how to avoid these negative consequences and take better care of myself. My family has learned more about me in the past year than I’ve learned about them. Part of me “coming out of my shell” on a regular basis with friends has spread to my family life; they’ve seen more and more glimpses of the fun side of me and thus have a deeper understanding of who I am. My parents are starting to see me as an adult, not in the sense that they respect me as their equal, but because they are counting me responsible for myself. This is exciting, but also sort of annoying because if I mess up it’s my fault.

Basically for 2012: I had fun, made friends, and learned about myself. I am happy.

2013 will be a whorl wind! College, moving out, new friends, new city, new experience; new everything. I won’t even say what I’m expecting or hoping to find in 2013 because if it’s anything that I can expect then it won’t be as special. I don’t know what my 2013 will be, but going into it without any expectations is kinda exciting, ya know? To be completely honest, 2013 will be terrifying because of all the drastic changes. I’m worried about keeping the good people in my life all the way from Colorado. I’m fully aware that I have no godly idea what I’m getting myself into. Hell no, I’m not ready for what next year will bring! This fear and these uncertainties will make 2013 a constructive year for me though, so I’m anxious to see what it will bring.

As for New Years resolutions, I don’t really have any. I’m happy with who I am and what I’m doing with my life. If anything, I’d like to (generally) do the following, although I’m not strictly holding myself to this:

-read more (12 books a year?)

-journal more (imagine how cool it would be to have a daily journal entry for an entire year)

-make better use of my time (balance productivity with carefully wasted time; because everyone needs both!)



What are y’alls’ New Years plans and/or resolutions?

What did y’all think about 2012?


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