December 14, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

As you can see in previous posts, my ankles have been butt holes. Usually within the first mile they start to make their presence known in the front near the tongue of my shoe or as “anterior ankle” pain. I thought maybe it was my shoes, so I got my fire shoes (I needed new ones anyway), but even though these babies are awesome, my ankles are still little turds. Monday I did two miles on the treadmill then…and I’m ashamed to say it….I went on the ELLIPTICAL because my ankles hurt so much. THE ELLIPTICAL. Those machines were made for sorostitutes getting skinny for their mixers and simi-formals, not for Hannah. Hannah bad ass. After my piss poor workout Monday I got really frustrated with myself. My mind wanted to go on a long run, my body had other plans. Ya know what I mean?

I still love you, my little fire shoes

I still love you, my little fire shoes 


Tuesday I upped my weight in all BodyPump tracks and redeemed myself, but I knew my body needed a running break. So, Wednesday I indulged in some yoga. Good God Almighty, if I had to pick one exercise for the rest of my life it would be yoga, hands down. Anyway, during yoga I did alot of balance poses and eurika! I figured it out as I was plumbing to the ground; my ankles hurt because they’re weak, not because of my shoes or the treadmill. As I was trying to balance in tree pose on one ankle, I was wobbling all over the place and had the exact same pain I get while running. I googled it and it turns out many runners have weak ankle issues. I’ve never felt so understood. That’s an exaggeration  but I have a reason for the shitty workout at least!

I also read that there are ways to strengthen ankles. They’re mainly balancing poses like standing on one foot, standing with your ankles hanging over a stair, drawing the alphabet on the floor with your feet, ect. They’re pretty easy so I’ll be trying them out a couple times and see if they help anything! Whoop!! Today I made up for my lack of running this week with an awesome Spin class. The instructor picked jammin music (“Low” by Flo Rida is a timeless classic in my book) and had a pretty tough line up in terms of climes and jumps. I was sweating like a pig the whole time, it was ballin’. Does anyone else get really happy to find that their calves are even sweating? No? Guess it’s a Hannah thing.

I’m pretty pleased with my effort lately. Today I almost didn’t go to Spin, but I rallied and ended up having an awesome workout. I’ve been doing alot better in terms of paying attention in school and I’m pretty sure I murdered my Physics test today! I haven’t done squat for exam-prep but I’m planning on that tomorrow! All in all a good week so far. Now we’re watching Unpractical Jokesters as a family (Henrys even home!). Life’s good!

How have your workouts been? 

What is your favorite show to watch with your family?

Have you ever experienced ankle pain?


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