Secret Santa Munching


December 5, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

This year, a group of my friends and I decided to do Secret Santa instead of giving each other small gifts. I was pretty excited because I love surprises and this would open the gift horizon beyond a lip gloss and a jar of nail polish from everyone. We each pulled a name and told everyone our class schedule and likes/dislikes. The theme of the week was:

-Monday: electronic gift

-Tuesday: food gift

-Wednesday: gag gift

-Thursday: gift according to their personality/likes

-Friday: “big” gift/expensive gift

We started shopping a couple of weeks ago, and basically now everyone knows who has whom. If there is one true statement in the entire universe it’s that girls talk. Secrets don’t exist if you have a x-chromosome, so this is now Unsecret Santa, but still the best thing in the world. Today we did both Monday and Tuesday gifts because I was running late on my Monday gift (figures).

Behold my loot!

Behold my loot!

If you can’t see above, I lucked out big time. I call it the Unsecret Santa bag of Hannah because it’s all my favorite things in a one square foot. Sabra hummus, Justin’s (maple almond) Nut Butter, Dove dark almond chocolate, a Teavana can with Starbucks coffee beans inside, an apple, tea bags, mints, and the most precious daily baby calendar. If this is the entirety of what I get at Christmas this year then I’ll mark it down as the best Christmas of my 18 years. I’m psyched and it’s just day one!

At lunch my friends and I flipped through the calendar and I can’t wait until the new year so I’ll have a sweet little baby face to see everyday. If you don’t know, I’m somewhat completely, irrevocably obsessed with babies. ~:)

The second I got home, I was on that hummus like white on rice.

First up: Sabra hummus/pretzel snacker pack

First up: Sabra hummus/pretzel snacker pack

It was delicious! The little pretzel rings were great hummus transportation and the hummus, as always, was scrumptious. I’ve decided my favorite Sabra hummus flavor is a tie between classic, roasted garlic, and pine nut. I kind of wished I had saved it because it would have been good to bring to lunch tomorrow since it’s all neat and packed up, but then I don’t care because I had myself some delish’ hummus today. There is no logical reason to wait when there is hummus on hand. 

The next thing I dug into was the Justin’s maple almond butter. I honestly only intended on a little taste, but I ended up eating at least four spoon fulls of it. I forgot count/didn’t even count because I was too deeply emerged in almondy mapley heaven. This is what you call a panty dropper. Now that I’ve made that reference, have yourself some food porn:

Are you salivating yet?

Are you salivating yet?


Then, I noticed what could only be fate



If you don’t know, go check out my “about me” page to see why I’m so happy about this little Boulder find. I get so excited at just the mention of Boulder. Clearly I’m meant to live there soon :).


Justin knows his stuff

Justin knows his stuff

Alas, there is a new Justin in my life and his last name isn't Bieber (anymore)

Alas, there is a new Justin in my life and his last name isn’t Bieber (anymore)

Tomorrow is the gag gift and I’m uber excited about that. I’m sure Caroline, who has me, will make it the most embarrassing and hilarious gift I’ve ever received.

Off to Cx and BodyPump! I’m beginning to up my weight in most of the tracks, whoop!

What is your favorite food type present?

What is your favorite nut butter?


4 thoughts on “Secret Santa Munching

  1. […] dessert I had two four of the dark chocolates from my unsecret Santa. I see where things are going regarding this dark chocolate and I like […]

  2. […] and in case you’re wondering, my GAG gift from Unsecret Santa today […]

  3. You got such great stuff 😀

    And ain’t that the truth..there’s no such thing as secrets between girls!

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