A Bad Habit


December 5, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

Y’all, I’m coming clean. My name is Hannah, I have Senioritis and my level of shits to give is dangerously low. Most of you may know this as apathy and if you’re a parent of a teenager in a private high school you know it as a free-loading child that isn’t taking advantage of the tuition dollars you dish out. Senioritis is the term used when trying to make justifications, but we’ll cut to the chase and call it what it is: laziness.

I’ve been lazy with my school work and it needs to stop. I’m generally a very involved student because I can usually interest myself in anything we’re learning and love learning more. I’ve never had to do much for school in terms of homework and studying because I pay attention in class and learn it all then. Lately, this has not been the case and I’m beginning to get fed up with myself. Every girl at my school gets her own computer (fun fact: we were the first school in the country to do this!) and although alot of things are blocked, a sister still has a multitude of ways to get distracted. In almost all of my classes this year I completely zone out and waste my time, opportunity, and the $8,900 my parents pay each year because I “don’t feel like paying attention” or “can do this later at home” or “already know it” or whatever the excuse may be. Sure it’s nice to read blogs and email friends during class, but 30 years from now what will matter more; the Saturday night of December 8, 2012 or what I learned in high school? I’m really getting mad at myself because now I actually have school things that I have to do at home and because I know I’ve been given an excellent opportunity and my parents work hard to keep me in this “ivy league high school.” So, my plan is to gradually whip myself back into shape. So far my classes on a 1-10 scale (1 lowest, 10 highest) are as follows:

-English: difficulty-4, importance-9, work load-6, current attention level-4

-French IV honors: difficulty-2, importance-10, work load-2, current attention level-.5

(*I’m actually considering dropping this class because it’s making me lose my gusto for French. It’s boring, slow paced and under stimulating)

-Fine Arts: 1 in every category  this is an elective that I’m only taking for the credit; it doesn’t matter what my grade is as long as I pass

-Algebra 1021: difficulty-8, importance-10, work load-11 (yes, 11), current attention level-5

(Yes, it’s a college “duel enrollment” course meaning I’m taking an LSU class on my high school campus. Betcha didn’t know I’m an LSU student, too!)

-Physics: difficulty-9, importance-10, work load-7, current attention level-2

-Theology in Film: difficulty-0, importance-1, work load-1, current attention level-0

-World History: difficulty-6, importance, 6, work load-4, current attention level-5

My plan of action is to take one class at a time and get myself out of the habit of being distracted. If I slowly remember what productivity feels like in school, it will spread to the other classes. I’ll check in every week on the class I’m working on to see my improvement!

May 9, May 9, May 9, May 9

May 9, May 9, May 9, May 9

First up: Physics

Goal: if my computer is on the only program open is Moodle or OneNote; not google chrome!

Now, back to things I like. For today’s run I found a really fun looking treadmill workout from Melissa at Fitness NYC . I usually hate running on the treadmill unless I have a “purpose run” like this one to keep things exciting. I’m off to try out this baby for 45 minutes then I’m hitting the books! Tomorrow is my 1021 final and (example of my slacking) I’ve only done one practice test so far. One practice test is 33 questions and takes -maybe- 45 minutes to finish. Who am I and why am I so damned lazy?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my GAG gift from Unsecret Santa today was………….

I was kidding when I asked for flavored condoms! These things will be expired before I even think of using them!

I was kidding when I asked for flavored condoms! These things will be expired before I even think of using them!

What do you want to improve on?

Do you like running on the treadmill or doing “purpose runs”?






One thought on “A Bad Habit

  1. […] up having an awesome workout. I’ve been doing alot better in terms of paying attention in school and I’m pretty sure I murdered my Physics test today! I haven’t done squat for […]

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