Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend


December 3, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

If you didn’t notice in my last posts, I’ve needed new shoes for a while now. My Mizunos (Wave Inspire 6) have been awesome, but every good shoe must come to an end and these babies were long gone. My ankles were hurting and my arches were beginning to collapse, so I knew it was that time again. I went to Varsity Sports for a couple of reasons, but mainly because they watch you walk and match a shoe to your specific gait. In my case, I have low arches and a mild pronation.

Enter: Saucony ProGrid Guide 6

Enter: Saucony ProGrid Guide 6

But I'll call them my fire shoes because they're spicy little ladies

But I’ll call them my fire shoes because they’re spicy little ladies

Varsity is only about a mile from the (LSU) lakes so I was laced up and ready to go within 5 minutes.   I bought them at about 5:00 and planned on a four or five mile run, but I loved them so much that I ended up going 6.5 miles! Holy cow, is it possible to marry a shoe? The first thing I noticed is how light weight they are; my ankles didn’t hurt because there wasn’t too much weight for them to lift. The shoes were awesome, awesome, awesome and I felt like I could have ran the lakes twice if I wanted.


The run was also one of the best runs I’ve gone on. Everyone has those especially fantastic runs that they never forget and this was one of those. Maybe it was a combination of the new shoes and because I was running in the evening (So not in the Louisiana heat that, yes, is still here in December), but for whatever reason this run was fantabulous. Saturday morning was the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon, so there was still evidence of this which motivated me. I had a mental-movie going of what it will be like to run the Rock N Roll half in New Orleans. It was great.

A girl can pretend

A girl can pretend, right?

Doesn't this make you want to run?

Doesn’t this make you want to run?


Gah, how I love these lakes

Gah, how I love these lakes

My pace felt faster on this run too. I think RunKeeper is a hoax and I don’t exactly trust the pace it tells me, but it sometimes said I was even running in the 7’s! I definitely felt fast and realized that I was even keeping up with some of the guys out there. *I noticed this because when it’s dark you’re extra alert and notice when there’s a man next to you trying to kill you running at the same pace*

I'm pretty convinced I was going faster than 9:38, either way it felt awesome

I’m pretty convinced I was going faster than 9:38, either way it felt awesome

After this GLORIOUS run, I hurried home probably broke the record female shower time. The extra 2.5 miles I tacked on left me pressed for time but was still worth it! Trevor picked me up for ice skating at 7 and I went in all of my wet-headed beauty. Ice skating was fun except that I got the oldest pair of skates in the place. Really, I think these things date back to at least 1985. One of my laces snapped just from being tied.

I think we look like a suspect line up

I think we look like a suspect line up

Jank as you can get

Jank as you can get


Yes, I got Trevor to push me around the rink on a plastic chair when my feet hurt. I have him whipped, but we aren't dating if you're wondering.

 I got Trevor to push me around the rink on a plastic chair when my feet hurt. I have him whipped, but we aren’t dating if you’re wondering.

Fun evening, awesome run, and shoes to complete me. What more can a girl ask for?

I have a tendency to love anything the second I get it, so I’ll have an offish’ shoe review in a couple days once the newness of the shoes wears off and I have an unbiased opinion. Until then, I’ll leave you with this and you can guess what my final opinion of the fire shoes will probably be.



3 thoughts on “Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend

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