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December 2, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

Hello, dear blog reader(s)! This post isn’t about running or food, it’s the “shenanigans” part of my catch phrase. I’m pretty good at having shenanigans, so this should be interesting to attempt to record.

Friday I went to the doctor because I’ve felt weird lately and my mom and I have diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I won’t go into boring medical terms, but I have a slew of the symptoms and I’ve had that nagging “something just isn’t right” feeling for a couple of months. This appointment was good and bad. Good because I slept in, got a sweet sticker, and had a bad ass bandage around my elbow from where they took blood. Bad because my doctor would sooner diagnose me with hypochondria than he would have hypothyroidism. I felt like he took everything I said with a grain of salt and didn’t see just how uncomfortable I actually was. I wouldn’t go to the extent of making an appointment and getting pricked with a needle if I didn’t find this to be poignant, so why does he think I can be dismissed so easily? Regardless of how much I think he believes that I have these symptoms as more than a result of being an average teenager, he did let me have the labs I wanted. I’m getting tested for my T3, T4, and TSH levels as well as my metabolic rate and a comprehensive blood test to check for things like iron. Everyone, including my doctor, has blamed any ailment I have on my vegetarianism (the most frustrating thing anyone can possibly do), so I’m hoping these tests prove them all wrong. We shall find out on Tuesday! While I was with the doctor, we got to talking about running and he has run 70 marathons in his life and one in every single state! I thought that was 1. something Chuck Norris would do and 2. the funnest way to both travel the country and to marathon. *Yes, I’m making marathon a verb* I don’t know if I’m crazy to devote as much time to running as a marathon requires, but if I ever become that level of crazy I will be sure to marathon in a plethora of locations. Like Boulder ❤

I deleted the original picture, so have yoself a screen shot

I deleted the original picture, so have yoself a screen shot of my psychedelic sticker and sucker

After the doctor, I went to school for two periods then realized I didn’t have any necessary reason for being there, so I checked out. Senior skip day, again. I came home at 12 and slept until 3, got my brother from school, then slept from 3:30 to 5. Tell me that’s normal, dearest doctor. Clearly not eating meat is why I can easily nap for nearly 5 hours straight.

Friday night my friend Sophia and I met up with my friend Tyler and his (cute) friend Kyle to go to a concert/show at a high school. Since it was on a school campus I wasn’t expecting much, but I forgot to take into account that this was a public school campus and also the most hipster, liberal school in Baton Rouge. This being said, the people there weren’t the rich white girls crowd that I’m used to. I love the all girl sorority of a high school I go to, but there is absolutely no diversity in the school. It’s refreshing to see people that don’t wear Southern Tide and Vineyard Vines and have iPhone 5’s in a Lilly Pulitzer case. The bands were actually really good and it was fun to watch. Also, I’ve realized that I’m obsessed with anyone who plays in a somewhat successful/known high school band. Not everyone can have the courage to do perform in front of people and it also takes some confidence to promote yourself and your band enough to get to a level where people are coming see you play. Plus, 90% of them are edgy and the one I picked last night had the coolest red shoes. I must find red shoe guy’s name to make sure that his last name sounds good after Hannah because we’re fated to get married.

He's only a freshmen. Courage, much?

He’s only a freshmen. Courage, much?

After the show, we went to Starbucks and I had the most delicious, fattening Eggnog Latte that can possibly exist this side of heaven. I capitalized Eggnog and Latte because this thing was truly divine. If you have the chance, do yourself a favor and get one in at least a grande size. After Starbucks, we went to hangout at my friend Nick’s house. Sophia and I were both hesitant about this because it had been arranged for a while and the two guys that were there refused to invite other people. Two girls and two guys that refuse to invite other people could only mean one possible thing, and Sophia and I came equipped with an arsenal of excuses. Thankfully, we didn’t have to use said excuses because somehow the stars lined up right and it was actually just a hangout! We talked for a couple hours about college and how amazing Boulder and the entire state of Colorado is. I loved it, I’m such a talk-y kind of girl. After this, Sophia and I hatched up the best idea my high school career has ever seen: shotgunning coke. Beer is disgusting and in no way worth the calories, so Coke Zero is the best alternative. We bought a huge pack of Coke Zeros and went and shotgunned them thangs in the Wal-Mart parking lot. If I have any readers, I’ll probably lose half of them once they realized the stupidity it requires to actually shotgun a Coke in a public place like a parking lot, but by-golly I live for stupid moments like these so you better get used to them. As you can see in the below picture, we found the most ideal location for the shotgunning of said Cokes. A church van is the optimal back drop for a cornucopia of actions resulting from teenage angst, including shotgun practice. I may be going to hell, but at least I’m going with good memories. (Okay, I’m not actually going to hell. I love God and this was light hearted fun.)


Idiots have more fun

I was home by my midnight punishment curfew after last week’s “oops, didn’t look at the time” night. It actually wasn’t too bad being home early, I didn’t wake up that morning for my run, but I also didn’t wake up exhausted!

I’m off for a long run in my new shoes (review to come soon!) and ice skating with some friends tonight! Check ya later!


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