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November 29, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

This post was meant to be after my math exam, or after my birthday festivities, or after mid-terms, or once Christmas break had started, or when I wasn’t sick, or when my new running shoes came in, or really anytime that wasn’t the present. It was a “I can’t do it now because _________.” situation, but we all know that there is always something to fill in that blank. There is always a reason that now isn’t the ideal time; excuses are constantly available. Well, prepare yourself for some ahead of schedule Rocky Balboa inspiration, motivation, and dedication, because it’s endorphins, not excuses, talking now. Damn, I should just write my own quote book.

Today school let out at 1:45 and I didn’t have to pick up Louis, my little brother, until 3, so I had a little over an hour to kill and you can guess how I used it. The LSU lakes are both my favorite places to run and 10 minutes away from my school, so I hopped on the opportunity like white on rice. I didn’t expect much from this run, except maybe ankle pain, so my standards were already nice and low. What a great start, eh? I started off strong, surprised myself by this discovery, and then found that little spark that forces me to stay strong. Just like every athlete in the history of the world, I’ve gone between phases of determination and strength and phases of laziness and apathy. Lately, I’ve been in the later phase but I think this run marked the change of that!

My ankles did begin to hurt and my quads started off sore from last night’s BodyPump class, but I realized that I should just shut up and run instead of annoying myself with excuses that ruin the run. After shutting up for long enough, I “fell into my run” and zoned out so that I was aware of all the little aches but didn’t care enough to slow down for them. It was so exactly what I’ve needed! My pace was usually in the 8:45 range which is faster than normal and motivated me to keep going strong. Sometimes proof that you’re already capable (like looking down and seeing 8:45) is all the motivation you need. I knew I was doing well, so I was extra determined not to screw up my progress. I was feeling so good half way into it that I decided to tack on an extra mile! I didn’t set records in pace or distance, but it was the first time in a while that I’ve challenged myself and successfully made my mind shut the hell up so I count that as a victory because it left me feeling like a champion.

Not Kenyan level, but still improvement!
PS-anyone think it’s fishy that RunKeeper claims that I was at a stand still for two minutes? Seriously doubting this app..

I can comfortably say that I’ve re-dedicated myself to running and training for the half that is still looming in my near future. Excuses will most definitely be coming to mind next time I lace up and get out there, but now I’ll just think of the successful feeling that this run brought me and, once again, make myself shut up and go. I’ve got 13 weeks until the half. Let’s see just how much I can accomplish in those 13 weeks!  Or at least that’s the plan It is the plan.  <– See, I’ve had an attitude adjustment already! And I’m not even talking about the daiquiri kind!

Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.
-Art Buchwald


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