Thanksgiving Break

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November 27, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

This Thanksgiving we went to The Woodlands, Texas to spend the break with my cousins. I wasn’t exactly eager to leave Baton Rouge and give up a majority of my break, but it was nice to have some family time again. We left around 4:00 Wednesday and got to Texas late that night.

The morning of Thanksgiving was devoted completely to food prep and eating, the norm. We had the usual dishes: turkey, green bean casserole, praline sweet potatoes (actually this might be more Louisiana), spinach madeline, rice, curried fruit, and mashed potatoes. My dad also cooked a succulent tasting smelling goose that he shot. He marinated it in white wine and let it cook all day, tingling my taste buds and seriously tempting my vegetarianism. All. morning. long. The little nagging excuse in the back of my mind was that it was a hunted goose, so I knew it wasn’t processed or stock full of the nasty hormones or preservatives that drove me to full fledged vegetarianism. With all the side dishes that I loaded onto my plate, I had no room for meat (on purpose) and didn’t end up eating any. Hooray for successfully having my first vegetarian holiday! I’m such a pro. Also, I’d like to say that I finally learned the real (real=not from Waka Flaka Flames) definition of Moscato and it is a nice, tasty white wine. Do not guilt Moscato by association and put it in the same category of patron just because Waka Flaka sings about them both.

After Thanksgiving, we went on the typical “adventure hike” through parts of the Woodlands. The Woodlands is set up to have neighborhoods and shopping centers hidden behind trees, so there is amble forest land left to roam. We always come to the same creek and have a series of “challenges” in which we must cross to the other side of the 4 foot creek by way of sturdy tree trunk and eventually Henry will find the smallest vine and somehow cross with it and make us civilians look like wimps. (Sidenote: Henry is my 22 year old brother/Marine/Bear Grills wannabe)

Challenge #1
AKA my bitch

Here, we have the Marine in a sticky, nearly wet situation
also note the mad scramble on the shoreline to rescue Tito, the chihuahua, from certain demise in the creek

The end result

Texas, your drainage lakes are so beautiful

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we mulled around the house until the afternoon then went shopping to get some extremely last minute Black Friday sales. I got an uber sass jacket and a bunch of cute tops. Thanks for the early Christmas, momma! After we came home from that, my cousin Caroline invited me to a bonfire. I went because I was curious what Texas parties were like. Let’s put it this way, I’m an angel here in Baton Rouge. It was still entertaining to see how Texas does things though! I also met a girl from Denver, so we talked about Colorado a good bit, which I absolutely loved! We compared Colorado State to University of Colorado Boulder and it seems like Boulder is a more Hannah friendly college :).

Results of the man test/stupidity test/lets see how many cigarettes we can waste test
-Future Hannah: don’t forget the quart sized dip or Randy, the “21” year old-

As far as workouts go, well they didn’t go. I was feeling kind of sick but decided to ignore it and ran anyway Friday morning. Not even a mile into it I knew I should have stayed home. My respiratory system just wasn’t having both phlegm and running at the same time, so I only went 3 easy miles and decided to use the rest of a vacation as a well-timed three day rest. All in all, it was a good break and I’m glad to have some good memories and family time under my belt. Back to training and school, hip hip rescue me.


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