Last Saturday Home Game


November 21, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

Last Saturday was the last home game of the season for LSU. In typical Hannah style, this meant I had to go out with a bang which sort of didn’t really happen. Anyway, first things first.

Maybe we should take these before the run?

Tailgate run bright and early/two hours late because my mom decided to ride her bike with us.  The weather was ideal and I felt great going out, but it was pathetically slow. My first excuse for this is that my ankles started hurting after about the first mile and a half; not excruciating pain but just enough to annoy me. Once we got about 3.5 miles in, we came to the levee and although it was only about 100m uphill, the incline bitch slapped my ankles and the pain changed from slightly annoying to constantly noticeable. We finished the first 4 then stopped to walk and stretch which the good Lord knew I needed. Going back was a little speedier (about 8:30 a mile for the last 2.6 miles) and I told my ankle to deal with it and ran through the pain. Look at how great of an endurance athlete I am for handling some minor anterior inflammation on an otherwise perfect run. I should be praised.  The run turned out like dis: 6.62 miles, 1 hour 5 minutes, 9:52 average mile/min. I’m embarrassed to be 8 seconds away from a ten minute mile but hey there’s nothing wrong with a slow and steady every now and then.

My second excuse for the tortoise speed is that it may not even be correct. The iPhone app I use to track my runs (RunKeeper) has seemed a bit iffy lately. It will say I’m going ridiculously slow (like a 12:40 pace?!) and often changes the speed quickly. 10:30-9:30-7:15-12:40-8:45 all within 100m. I’m pretty positive if I was actually running that sporadically I’d look like an idiot and realize that I was doing something wrong, but I digress. Should I trust the phone?

After the run, I came home and actually did get ready in a somewhat timely manor. Showering, shaving, blow drying, straightening, makeup-ing and outfit picking in about two hours is a record that I will probably never break. Trevor picked me up and we headed to LSU early since it was a 2:30 game, but it was freakishly under attended so we did alot of wondering around. Later in the day/night more people came and it was pretty fun, but I’ve had better tailgates. Instead of describing the tailgating I’ll just post pictures.


And did I mention that we met a Venezuelen with the most adorable accent and smirk 😉 Hola, Juan Carlos. I hope you’re not opposed to polygamy.

I’m off to bed now since I may or may not have come home at 3:30 AM last night and may or may not be exhausted as a result. Fun is always better than sleep, so I have no regrets. The numerous chores I did today and the fact that my next curfew will probably be before sundown is probably not going to go over too well, but it was still a heckofalotta fun.

Somebody please help this crazy, laundry-ridden social butterfly
I’m just TOO pop-u-lor


2 thoughts on “Last Saturday Home Game

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