Senior Skip Day


November 17, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

My name is Hannah and I run the world. No, really.

Today was one of those days when it is utterly pointless to be at school because every class is a sub, movie, or just all together undeserving of my time. I wasn’t just being an irresponsible senior, it was the last day before an holiday AND a pep rally day so that proves that even the teachers had given up. So, what did I do with this utterly pointless day? Skip it, obviously. A ginormous amount of the senior class didn’t even show up, and those that did gave the administration a mile long pile of “my daughter is sick” notes that our mothers so graciously were begged to write. (Did I mention that my mom is great? She is. I can only hope I’ll be able to get kids out of school the way she can.)  I popped in, took my math test without a single care whether or not I did well (thankfully I tend to somehow do this for all subjects and still get decent grades). See, I’m not completely contributing to truancy rates! Then I went to the office and checked out without a single question. Fight a senior on leaving school early, I dare you. 😉

School spirit is not my forte this year (yes, I drew masterpiece of a turkey.)

After skipping coming down with the plague and leaving school to save the health of everyone there, I went to pick up my senior pictures. I’m pleased with them except for the lack of editing in the red-mark-from-the-bra-strap department, but I can deal.

Look, I’m multiplying!

After this, I came home and threw together a hippy lunch of broccoli roasted with some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (I luh dat stuff), tempeh, Greek yogurt with honey and grapes straight from the box. I’ve come to the conclusion that broccoli and tempeh are the best food combination since beer and high school..umm college guys. Seriously delicious veg food 🙂

Blue baby spoon, of course. You do weird things too so stop yer judging.

After lunch I rewarded myself with an indulgent nap. When I say indulgent I mean that I didn’t set an alarm and let myself sleep as long as my body wanted to (which was 4.5 hours-wowza). It was as wonderful as anyone could imagine and I am SO glad that the Thanksgiving holidays are finally here. I’m weirded out because I have a week off and nothing to stress about. No homework, no college applications, no tests, nothing! I don’t know what to do with myself now that I can actually have some Hannah time.

I’m babysitting now and painfully turning down a party because I have a long run on the agenda tomorrow morning. It’s okay though because after tomorrow’s long run is the last LSU home game and you better believe I’m going out with a bang for the last tailgate. The same cute guy(s) at this party will be there tomorrow, so it isn’t that huge of a loss. Breathe Hannah. One party won’t be the death of your social life.

What do you give up for the sake of running?

What is your favorite food combination?


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