“I think she’s fat”

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November 16, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

My brother wasted no time in voicing his opinion when my parents brought me home from the hospital as a baby: “I think she’s fat”

Well, Henry, 18 years later and your words of encouragement as I came into this world must be repaid. I am no longer fat (it was baby fat, okay?), but I still make a job of being an embarrassing, annoying sister. Overall I’m not too shabby, but it’s a requirement that all good sisters try their hardest to be terrible sisters, especially to her brothers. Or that’s my take on it, at least 😉 This being said, last night I did an excellent job of being a less than excellent sister as I left the rodeo before he had his glory moment with a cow. Ask him and it was a testosterone filled bull weighing in at 6000 pounds with horns of steel and eyes giving a glimpse into hell, but ask anyone else and it was a cow. He and three frat brothers decided (a couple hours before the start of the rodeo) to enter into the “milking a mad cow” event, so I left BodyPump early for the first time in my working out history so I could give Henry my full encouragement in the form of ridicule and laughter.

Here’s how it goes: sacrifice the bicep, lunge, shoulder and ab tracks in BodyPump, get to the rodeo promptly at 7, wait. Watch three events until 9, when Henry comes to tell us that he doesn’t go on until 10. TEN?! Phew, it’s a good thing I left my 7:00 class early so I could have these three hours to mentally prepare how hard I will laugh sulk.

In the end, I decided the math test that I wasn’t planning on studying for couldn’t be ignored and I had to leave the rodeo, purely for the sake of my GPA. I was still wearing my workout clothes while I was there, so if it helps any, I was also cold the whole time. Not freezing cold, but if I had wanted to I could have mustered a couple shivers. All in all it wasn’t a wasted three hours and I had a good time talking to my mom and brother. My mom and I made fun of how short my brother’s pants were (he’s in the adolescent/uncertain place in life stage and thus a prime target for teasing) and my brother and I remembered all the times my mom has embarrassed herself (unplugging the entire tailgate’s satellite  T-1 minute from kickoff in the LSU/Bama game for the win). -Notice I was the only one to remain unscathed in the family discussion; I’ve learned a couple things growing up with these people- I also always love agriculture related things like rodeos, stock yards, 4H shows; anything with a stinky barn; because it reminds me of my grandfather who owned a cattle farm. I’ve grown up dirty in the sense that I get muddy and step in cow patties and know how to break a sweat from working, so it’s always a nice jaunt down memory lane to come to these types of things and remember where my roots are.

Because I’m obsessed with young children and all that includes (such as boots)
and I had a pair of red cowboy boots just like this as a tot!

Henry’s claim to fame

When I came home, I took a quick bath and promptly put on my PJ’s….Lie. I came home and set up my bath-desk (a chair and computer in front of a warm tub- heaven?) and stayed in there for a good 20 minute soak to recover from the chilly rodeo. I had some popcorn at the rodeo, but I got home pretty hungry. (Side note: Yes, I am about to post my less than exciting dinner. I know everyone is secretly interested in what everyone eats, so just go with it. This isn’t a food blog, but since I love food I will include it often.) After my soak, I had “mush.” Mush is my invention to avoid wasting food and eat extra peanut butter because I think I’ve eaten so much of that stuff that my body can’t function without it. For dessert I had a handful of grapes which eventually turned into a fist full because that’s just how I roll. Yes, fruit counts as dessert.

The relaxing way to do homework, tell me I’m not brilliant


-Smash up a banana that is beginning to turn and microwave it with a generous dollop of PButter, cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey. Mix it all together and eat on crackers or bread. Mmmm, grown up baby food 🙂 I added a heaping scoop of Libby’s pumpkin puree to the mix to liven things up. I adore that pumpkin stuff, not only is it fall-esque but it is wonderfully delicious!

Mush, crackers, grapes

What’s your favorite hodge-podge food combination?



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