Getting my head into the -general direction of- the game


November 15, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

Recently I’ve been reunited with my frenemy, running. I say frenemy but lately it has been more friend than enemy. I ran cross country my freshmen year which 1. (in my opinion) over trained and stressed my body in a way that shouldn’t have happened and 2. made me that type of crazy that all runners must have. I quit cross country after freshmen year because I think high school is better spent doing stupid, regretful things with great friends than killing yourself for a PR and living your life with that as your only goal. I never lost that crazy spark (God, no!) and kept up with working out. Now that I’ve sort of plateaued in terms of workouts, I’ve picked up running again to supplement that. Nothing crazy, just a couple of 4-6 mile runs a week.

Well. My dad said something about a half marathon that I nearly brushed off except for two reasons: if it’s hard, I’m automatically signed up for the challenge because I’m just like that and because if I’m really going to Colorado for the next four years, I need to spend some quality time with the Pops before I go. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I now have three months to change my longest run from 7 miles to 13.1. I’ve had experience with training from cross country, so I know how my body should feel, how to pace myself, ect, but I still have little to no idea what I’m doing. I will say, however, that I’m really glad I’m this crazy because if not I wouldn’t have this little running spark in my life again. We make a nice couple every now and then, when my anterior ankle pain/crappy shoes aren’t giving me problems.

I’m slowly increasing my mileage and think that with three months left to train I should be in goodish shape by February 24. My dad and I have taken up “tailgate running” and run every Saturday morning around LSU campus through all of the tailgates being set up. It’s fun scenery and keeps your mind off of running. It’s hard to think about running when you’re thinking about all the fun things you will shortly be doing on said campus until Lord knows when! Anyway, our most recent tailgate runs have been 7 and 6 miles, both of which felt great at the time, although the next morning I’m always a little sore (most likely due to excessive celebration at LSU and nothing running related). I’m definitely in need of some new shoes as I’ve had alot of pain on the front of my ankle lately (I think my current shoes are too heavy and make it hard for my foot to lift), and I’m just entering the world of energy gels, but all in all running isn’t too foreign to me after these couple of years without it.

Tailgate Running 6 miles
-Rocking the tomato face, eh?-

So, if anyone out there is actually reading this and has some 2 cents about running, feel free to comment!

What could be causing front ankle pain? Shoes? Inflammation? Please, for the love of my training, don’t say stress fracture!

Have you tried energy gels/Gu/blocks/sports beans/sweedish fish/sugar-on-the-go? What do you suggest and when do I need this?


One thought on “Getting my head into the -general direction of- the game

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