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November 15, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

It’s been what, like a zillion months since I’ve even thought of here bloggy? Clearly I’m just too engaged in living out my youth to waste time on the internet. Ha well that’s a lie and I’ve been wasting plenty of time, just not here. Lets see, what has happened since March? Ah well Summer, Senior year, college applications, boyfriend, and a breakup liberation from dating. Ye haw, SENIOR YEAR! So, where do I begin?

Summer: met a little boy at the Squirt Gun Warriors show at Here Today Gone Tomorrow. I actually didn’t step foot inside the concert, I just socialized outside. I met Collin, and lo and behold a “relationship” budded. Although, this depends on what you consider a relationship. He wanted what all teen boys want but I’m not bashing him for that because that’s not all it was (since I’m much too stubborn to bend). We had fun, we did typical summery-teenagery things, and had full swing I-do-whatever-I-want-because-I’m-me syndrome as many teenagers thrive from. Was he fun to date over the summer? Yes. Did I enjoy my time with him? Yes. I leaned things about myself, had fun, and in general it wasn’t bad. It didn’t last and I am perfectly fine with that because being single (especially as a senior) is a hot mess in which I’m relishin’. Plus, lets be honest, high school relationships are poop 80% of the time so why waste your time being “tied down” to someone who won’t be there forever? Live it up, spread your circle and meet new people. Settle down and be serious eventually, but not before you have to. That’s my soap box and I’m bringing it to college 😉

Collin and me Prow’in

Ah College, the other main thing I haven’t blogged about: Well, although senior year is booming, college is -thankfully- coming quickly. I sound so “high school” saying this (well and basically this entire post is high school), but I have never been more ready for college. I say that, but I’m also fully aware that the night before I actually move I will be a pathetic well of tears and memories. College don’t come easy. For one, there’s the applications, and on top of that there’s that little thing called a college budget, which I ignore. Handling college applications, essays, and school is pretty tough. Falling head over heels in love with one particular out-of-state college, as I have done because that’s just what little Hannahs do, also gives me about $50,000 a year to come up with for tuition and room/board. Yikes. So, in my relentless pursuit of higher education and my even more relentless pursuit to sugar fun coat my college experience with hiking, skiing, and all things Boulder, I’ve done a typical Hannah move and taken things to the extreme. We’re talking Navy. Yes, I am one of those crazy people who will sign over a period of their lives so that the Military will pay for all ma stuffs. As crazy as some may see it to submit yourself to all that the NROTC entails (which in my opinion isn’t much; a couple naval courses and meetings once a week. Honestly, the only thing I’m not looking forward to is wearing those oh so NOT feminine uniforms), I find it actually pretty exciting. It’s a fun challenge and most of the stuff it would require are things I already enjoy. Working out is basically my heroin and the idea of being stationed somewhere (San Diego?) is actually really exciting to me. I’m ready for it, or at least I think so now. Hopefully I’ll be able to have an adequately fun time in my college years while part of the Navy, but also keep myself in line. I don’t even know what will become of me when I’m the only one responsible for myself!


I seriously don’t understand why every teen in the country doesn’t apply here


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Hey, I'm Hannah! I'm 18 and a senior at an all girl's high school in Baton Rouge. I plan on joining the Navy and fulfilling my dreams to live in different places- hopefully leading me to the University of Colorado in Boulder to become a nurse. I love working out, running, and having a generally healthy lifestyle with the added dash of "wait I'm still a teenager so this is a good idea." I'm a vegetarian and eat a mostly plant based hippy foods. My life is as hectic and hormone rich as any other teenage girl, although I'd like to say that I add a couple miles and some extra spunk to the mix while skimping on the drama. Welcome to the show, and thank you for reading my blog!

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