Spring has Sprung! (for now, at least)

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March 6, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

My mom, me, my friend Tori, and her mom at the Mother Daughter Brunch!

Ah, I can not get enough of this weather! For the past couple of days it has been in the 70’s and beautifully sunny without a cloud in the sky. We tan at lunch, I do homework in the backyard, ride home with the windows down, and Sunday I had a completely perfect day with Amelia at the LSU Lakes. It’s such happy weather! I love the vibrant, crisp green plants and the bright, clear blue sky mixed with the warming kiss of the sun. I know I’m getting strangely deep about the weather, but seriously, it’s immaculate.

I should probably get on with my point, although I could rave about this weather endlessly. I wanted to blog about Sunday and how perfect it was. So,Sunday. In the morning, my mom and I met for the Mother/Daughter Brunch and “Style Show”. I say we met for it because she got there late after driving in from a weekend out with her friends. Ha, of course we’re the mother/daughter pair who gets there late and doesn’t come together! The brunch was really fun and made me realize that I desperately need to go shopping. I plan to look nothing short of fantastic when I go to France, meaning I need an entire overhaul of my closet. After the brunch, my family went to a barbecue in Port Allen for pretty much every Kleinpeter birthday in February or March. I on the other hand drove to Amelia’s house for a walk around the lakes. Originally our plan was to be back for 2 so she could go to tryouts for Challenge day, but we soon came to the conclusion that enjoying the weather was more important than any previous commitments. We walked to Baton Rouge Beach and tanned here for about 15 minutes, then continued around the lakes until we got to the second beach. Here we tanned for a good 30 minutes. I can not express how much I was enjoying my time with Amelia and that wonderful weather. I was relaxed, catching up with Amelia, and had nothing to do that would make me worried for time. It was absolutely wonderful! We plan to do this every Sunday that we can, as well as our Friday morning walks before school. Yas! After the lazy and oh-so-perfect walk, we came home and had some delicious veggies as a little snack to continue our healthy day. I came home around 4 and took a nap before going to mass. Amelia gave me a CD of some even more relaxing music, so I listened to it during my nap. Well, maybe it was the walk or maybe it was the music, but I slept like a baby through my alarm! My family came home at 5:10 and woke me up, so I hurried to get ready and leave for mass. I went to an interesting 5:30 mass that I also really enjoyed, then came on home. I had some MEAT for dinner (it’s Sunday, Lent doesn’t count!), and we had a fire while watching The Walking Dead, my mom’s new favorite zombie show. It was a pretty relaxing evening after a perfectly relaxing day, what more could a gal’ ask for? Merci, Dieu!

Hopefully Louisiana will decide to keep this weather going, but I don’t think we could get that lucky. Louisiana enjoys teasing you with good weather, then giving you a week full of overcast stormy days. Friday it is supposed to start raining, which it is supposed to do into the beginning of the next week. Hopefully it won’t rain for Amelia’s and my Friday morning walk. Oh well, even if it does I can’t complain. I’ve just been gifted with three gorgeous days in a row!

Ahhh, my favorite type of day 🙂

Some relaxing tanning with Amelia at the lakes. There was a creepy peeping Peter on a boat in the lake in front of us....ah!


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