Antoine aux Etates-Unis: Semaine 1


February 26, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

Saturday, February 11: ACT in the morning then total chaos after. Between putting furniture back in my room after it was painted and cleaning the rest of the house, we had our work cut out for us. It was crazy and hectic, but the end result was the room I’ve always wanted and envisioned and a house that looked more like a hotel. Antoine’s flight arrived late that night and on the way there I said I felt like I was going to the hospital to have a baby, I was soo right about that! We exchanged our awkward greetings (to kiss both cheeks or to hug? to be French or be American?) then brought the exhausted Antoine home. On the way home my mom wasted no time in telling stories of her glory days with Jerome and Marc. I can only imagine what Antoine was thinking! We got home, gave a quick tour of the house, and Antoine went to bed.

Sunday, February 12: We all woke up around 8-9 and cooked a feast of a breakfast expecting a hungry Frenchie to wake up soon..not the case! Antoine didn’t wake up until 11 and by the time he did we had eaten a good portion of the beautiful breakfast and what was left was cold. Oh well, ya snooze ya lose, pauvre Antoine. We went to mass at St. Jude which wasn’t that bad except the whole time I was wondering what we would do when it came time to give peace. Of course I find the most ridiculous thing to worry about. After mass I called the hosts of Gauthier and Thibaud and we brought them hiking to Tunica hills. I was in heaven; hiking with 3 French boys, OH LALA! It was fun meeting Antoine’s adorable friends, plus my favorite place in the world is Tunica hills!

Monday, February 13: Antoine came to school with me! This is when the worry of my routine kicked in. I was apprehensive of how the mornings would go and if we would get out of the door on time (which we never did, but no worries). School made me feel like a body guard and I’m sure Antoine felt like a celebrity. Sheesh, freshmen can get creepy. The first day they kept it to a minimum of stares and the occasional point and question, but I think Antoine could see what was to come. After school Amelia and I took Coline and Antoine to buy a Valentine’s gift for Antoine’s girlfriend, Clea. We took them to Bella Bella thinking he would buy some earrings or something low key..but no! Antoine ended up buying Clea an $80 crystal necklace from Swadarski! I need to get a French boyfriend ;). Amelia took Antoine to Challenge Day tryouts after, so I took my golden hour and a half for a much appreciated spin class. For the first real day, it was pretty good!

Tuesday, February 14: Antoine came to school with me in the morning but went on a field trip for the day. I was bombarded with the stupidest of questions all day ranging from “is he nice?” to “does he sleep in your room?”. I would be just as curious as the rest of them, but I couldn’t help but get annoyed that the only thing people wanted to talk about was Antoine. I just happened to become everyone’s best friend while there was a French boy under my roof. After school  there was a French club meeting then we took Antoine to a basketball at CHS with some other French students. They were amazed,France doesn’t have dancers, mascots, or “pom pom girls”. Coline said that it was like High School Musical! How adorable is that?! We left early to be home for the “Fete d’Amore” my mom had planned. She set the table with our nicest China and had a delicious meal prepared for Amelia, Coline, Antoine, Clea, and me. It was very nice of her and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Wednesday, February 15: Antoine came to school in the morning, but went on another field trip. I was constantly bombarded with the same questions which I was becoming annoyed by but used to. Their field trip didn’t get back until 4, so I took my free hour for a much needed run. I loved the run but more than that I loved feeling accomplished for finding time for a workout despite having Antoine here. Now I can see what my mom meant when she said you can’t expect to get much accomplished after you have kids. All of my time was directed towards Antoine, I really felt like he was my child. I’m not complaining about that though, motherhood is still on my to do list! After school we went to a jambalaya dinner at the Schroder’s. It was delicious but the night was riddled with drama. Long story short, Clea was changed from her original host family into Amelia’s family with Coline. Poor Coline’s grandfather died Wednesday too, but she handled it very well.

Thursday, February 16: Antoine had another field trip, so I just went to a normal day of school. Well, it was normal plus a couple of the now typical Antoine questions. After school I had another break before Antoine’s field trip returned, so I ran the lakes. Once again, running was fantastic but not as good as the accomplishment of fitting a third workout in for the week! After the run I picked up Antoine and brought him to TJ Ribs on the way home to see Shaqu’s huge shoe. Who would have thunk that the French exhcnage student would know more about American basketball than me?! He and my mom were talking about who was being drafted to which team, who was good, who was bad, and who their favorite players were. He liked seeing Shaqu’s shoe, it is pretty cool. I brought Louis to wrestling practice, with Antoine of course,  I didn’t want to pay for a babysitter for my little baby Antoine! After we drove around LSU and talked about running, our love of dogs, and our love of sushi. That was one of those moments that reminds you that people are people no matter the language or cultural differences. There really is no such thing as a language barrier. Antoine and I loved talking and I was so excited to find that we had these things in common because they’re so important to me! After we went for sushi with Henry and his girlfriend, Morgan. That was really fun as well! Henry is so funny so it also taught me that humor is universal. As is the middle finger 😉

Friday, February 17: Antoine came to school with me again. The poor kid must have taken at least 20 pictures throughout the day and answered countless stupid questions from well…stupid girls. I know I’m being harsh on them, but seriously, asking a French person in English if you speak with an accent is as stupid as stupid gets. After school we got lost on the way to laser tag, but found it in time to play one game with some of the other French students. It wasn’t really fun, but hey it was something to do. After laser tag, we ate a quick bite at Chick-Fil- A and headed to the Southdowns parade. My baby Antoine’s first parade, he grew up so fast! We met Gauthier and Thibaud there as well. One of my favorite parts of the exchange was seeing their excitement at the most mundane and normal things. They were amazed by the parade even though it was just the tiny Southdowns parade. Gauthier (such a sweetheart!) was giving beads to people walking next to the parade. The boys soon learned that being French earned them some serious bead-age as well. Gauthier told these young girls in the parade that he was French and they just responded with a blank stare. He started speaking French and they still weren’t convinced, so as they were walking away he yelled “C’est tres gentile. Vive la louisianne!”. It was halarious, Gauthier is such a cutie!

Saturday, February 18: Merde, il pleut! It was raining and disgusting in the morning. We sat around doing alot of nothing, pauvre Antoine. We eventually went to Bass Pro and once again I was absolutely loving Antoine’s excitement at the smallest things. It reminds me of how much I love the where I live, I had begun to take the indoor lake and cavernous expanses of Bass Pro to just be typical, but Antoine found them exciting. After Bass Pro, we went bowling with the French kids who were hosted by EHS students. It was fun for Antoine, but I wasn’t exactly loving it. I did enjoy seeing his drop dead sexy friend, Simon, though. It was awkward because I didn’t know the Americans who were there and the group quickly split into Americans, French, and Hannah. It didn’t help that I suck at bowling and had no one to joke about my suckiness with, but I need to stop being a debby downer. After we went to dinner at Honey’s where Antoine got the name “Antone” from Honey. After Honey’s Antoine, Caroline, Parker, and I went to a party at Daniella’s cousin’s house…This is one of those situations when I have alot I could say but I’m on the internet so I feel like I should bite my tongue.  Lets just put it this way: I discovered Caroline has a howling she wolf in her closet, and I met a thirsty young man named Kevin. Caroline went all out for Antoine and even tried to kiss him, oh mon Dieu.


One thought on “Antoine aux Etates-Unis: Semaine 1

  1. Laurie says:

    What a good way to recall events! In ten years youe’ll be reading this and saying, “Ah ha! I remember that! Oh, yes the table that my mother set was decorated with home-made Valentines with our names on them. Oh, those were the good old days.” Or at least maybe you’ll say that, it’s not like I am your mother or anything. I am just a fellow citizen of the world reading of the antics of a young girl.

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