Antoine Aux Etates-Unis!

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February 25, 2012 by toheaveninahooptie

Just starting blogging and I’m already neglecting it. C’est toujours la méme! For the past two weeks (February 11-24), Antoine has come from France for his part of the exchange! Before he arrived I was somewhat apprehensive. For one we had to scramble to finish redecorating my room and cleaning the house, but mainly because I knew I had to entertain this kid for two weeks straight. I didn’t want to give up my daily routine, didn’t want to miss workouts, didn’t want to stay up late, didn’t want to organize things so he could see his friends….but thank God that he came and I was forced to do all of the above. My routine went out the window the minute he stepped on American soil, I haven’t had an adequate workout in two weeks, I’m dead exhausted, and I’ve planned more than I can remember, but I wouldn’t change a thing about these past two weeks.  Finding fun things to do was a breeze considering that it’s America and everything was fascinating for Antoine, so that worry solved itself. As far as my stupid resistance to change for my beloved routines, workouts, and sleep; well it doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve realized that the world still spins if I’m late for school, missing a couple workouts won’t kill me, and sleep is a secondary priority (fun with friends being first). I love that Antoine came and broke all of my stupid little molds, I feel so much more loosy goosy now. Aside from losing my selfishness, I also made so many…connections. Meeting Antoine as well as all of his wonderful, adorable friends is just one of those little reminders of those things that are universal for all of humanity. We would talk about things we both find interesting, get excited at what we had in common, discuss the differences of each country, but mainly we would joke around and laugh. It was awesome! I’ve learned countless cuss words in French and now Antoine is fluent in saying “dayyyummm”, but it was also so interesting to discover the things that are just universal for teenagers. He could have been from Nigeria and we could have had just as good a time, people are people. I’ll make more posts explaining everyday in detail, but this was just my overall experience of his time here. It was wonderful. I can not wait to go back to France to see them!


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